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ARCH Inception & Journey


Known as the ‘Pink City’ the world over, Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan was founded by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II on 18th November 1727. When the Prince of Wales visited Jaipur in 1853, the whole city was painted in pink colour to welcome him and ever since then, Jaipur has been called the ‘Pink City’. It was planned by Vidhyadhar Bhattacharya, a Bengali architect, in a grid system with wide straight avenues, roads, streets, lanes and uniform rows of shops on either side of the main bazaars.

The architecture & planning of the town was the best in the Indian subcontinent and was very certainly quite advanced for its times. The rich, colorful cultural & architectural splendors of the city can be traced to the historical and aesthetic places that reside in the city which include various palaces, forts and temples. This city of victory really wins the hearts of the people with its splendid charisma. The medieval walled city and its markets continue to be abuzz with activity even today. Alongside the historical city exists the modern capital with shopping malls and multiplexes, the World Trade Park, beautiful gardens and theatres for cultural evenings. Glimpses of the glorious history of Jaipur are reflected in its crafts and royal artefacts. Jaipur today is a hub for industries connected with craft export, jewellery, block printing etc.

The city is also famous for its lightweight yet warm, Jaipuri quilts. In a more contemporary perspective, Jaipur holds the world’s largest literary festival – the Jaipur Literature Festival which annually hosts some of the most famous writers and authors in the world, including Nobel laureates. Jaipur has also emerged as a modern metro city of India, with advancements through the Metro Rail Project and well connected flyovers, and is now in the array of Tier I Cities making economic activities more viable. Business & Employment opportunities have increased many-fold in the last 3 years. Various public and private projects have created tremendous demand for talented and skilled manpower.

Jaipur, the design city has lovingly nurtured the Arch Academy of Design ever since 2000 and seen it grow from strength to strength in these 15 enterprising years. The cultural heritage of the ‘Pink City’ seems to act as a catalyst in the study of Design.


The ARCH Academy of Design was set up in the year 2000 under the management of the Arch Educational Society to impart industrially & globally relevant, specialized Education in Design. The Institution has developed as a centre of excellence in learning and innovation, and over the last fourteen years, has trained more than 6000 professionals and entrepreneurs from across the country.

The Academy offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Certificate courses in Fashion Design, Interior Design, Craft Product Design, Jewellery Design, Graphic Design, Design Communication, Lifestyle Accessory Design, Design Management (With Specialization in Fashion/Interior/Jewellery/Graphics) as well as Diploma & Certificate programmes in Visual Merchandising & Gemmology.

The ARCH Academy of Design has a strong International representation, with students from several countries like Sweden, Spain, Kuwait, the United Kingdom, the USA, Nepal, Iran, Canada, Korea, Japan, and Dubai etc. who have, at one time or the other, chosen to study here.

Since Jaipur is a thriving student city, the college experience at ARCH is about more than just classes. It is about discovering and developing an understanding of the culture while getting exposed to the art, craft and talent of the local creators; understanding and contributing in real ways to the evolution of sensibilities through the study and practice of Design. Jaipur is one of the most active jewel markets of the world and has renowned textiles and embellishment techniques, especially those involving the use of natural dyes for Sanganeri and Bagru block prints. The city thus becomes a favorite choice for studying design within a cultural context, enhancing its unique heritage in a practical way.

In January 2011, the Arch Academy of Design pioneered the first Online Entrance Examination for Design in India and is, to date, the only design institution in the country to do so. With interactive components at its core and a deliberate random selection of questions from a specially formed question bank, this Online Exam is designed to facilitate students across the globe to appear for the exam using their personal computers or laptops with a choice of time slots on any of many given exam dates.