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Arch Pedagogy

LEARNINGis a forever constant! At the Arch Academy of Design, the tools that facilitate learning are varied and the approach to pedagogy is flexible and adaptable to changing norms & needs in the Industry. ARCH differentiates itself from any other Design Institution in India by staying attuned to its surroundings of local traditional thought and rich knowledge & blending it with the best, contextually driven design developments & thinking in the world.

The programmes offered are characterized by experiential, experimental and integrated learning, facilitating, thinking skills and self-reliant learning. Learners are encouraged to investigate factors which determine cultural and creative influences in art and design. These not only include the influences of artists and designers, but also the social, aesthetic, technological, ecological and economic global forces which can shape modern thinking and direction.

Debate and discussion form an important part of learning. Rigorous review and testing of ideas is encouraged for debate and development of ideas. From the conventional classroom lectures to group discussions; from lively audio-visual presentations to persevering in research work; from undertaking field observations to developing industry linkages; from peer learning to mentor emulation; from project execution to successfully interning with industry experts, the pedagogy is multidirectional.

Skills already acquired are linked with ideas and challenges, which extend students’ critical independence and enable them to arrive at a fuller understanding of the application of art and design, relevant to career development choices & progression opportunities.
It transitions from uniting fragments to whole and general perspective to more specific goals. All in all, a cohesive, contextual and nurturing environment for learning prevails at Arch.

    • Fashion Design

      Open House Experience - an interdisciplinary exposure

    • Fashion Design

      Focussed approach to precision, clarity and meticulousness in the classroom...

    • Fashion Design

      Arch students are our pride!

    • Fashion Design

      Industry Experts & visitng faculty members facilitating improvement in the student's work by critiquing their project displays

    • Fashion Design

      An Arch student handling the Jury session by presenting her work to Bhawani Shankarji, the renowned Artist.


The ‘Integrated learning’ at ARCH is its pride. The curriculum encompasses learning at the grass root level from local artisans and craftsmen of Jaipur (mostly national award winners), enabling thereby an awakening of social & cultural awareness & connected responsibility in students while giving them hands on experience of the local techniques essential to develop necessary skills. The students not only imbibe the ideation of our rich culture and tradition but also dwell on providing sustainable solutions to the local crafts sector, thereby producing change-makers anywhere, in any situation! Multidisciplinary learning is the key to taking initiatives and acquiring the necessary skills that a practical lab cannot provide. Learning from learners (craftsmen) has in return enriched members of the Arch Faculty with knowledge which they share through the presentation of research papers at various forums internationally.


Outcome of work is directly proportional to the environment one works in. Design is built on creativity and originality and our study spaces: labs, CAD rooms, classrooms etc provide the right ambience for sparking off creative genius from within and without. Facilities like the latest Mac-Lab, for every field of design has the latest software and hardware to support and fuel the flame of creation. A harmoniously and lucidly internalized design process or ‘approach’, equips the student with the requisite think skill sets to solve any problem and the sub problems within.


The curriculum at Arch has syncretized ‘emphatic leadership with social sensitivity’ to develop thought leaders and sensitive social change makers. Our class strength and individual attention is sensitive to the needs of every individual and the background they hail from. Our teachers & mentors are flexible, emphatic, adaptable and forever enhancing their own skill-sets so that they inspire, motivate and empower students as individuals who with their awakened self belief will create a better world and become successful entrepreneurs.


The teaching methodology aims at using the inputs from core functional areas to interdisciplinary issues and problem solving - an emphasis on self-motivated learning by using information, experience and practice. The assessment through the monthly cycle in-class open houses and semester jury systems rigorously strengthen the mettle of our students to prepare them to take any challenge in their stride. Our assessment approach adds polish and finish to the roughest stone, converting mere students to leaders of the future, where we believe the world will once again look towards India for fresh ideas backed with timeless historicity.