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Delhi NCR Campus

DELHI NCR – The Bustling Metropolis

New Delhi, the capital of India, is the political, social and economic hub of the country.

Witnessing rapid urbanisation, Gurgaon, part of the Delhi NCR region, over the last few years has become the leading financial and industrial hub, ranking third highest for per capita income in India.

Gurgaon has local offices representing more than 250 Fortune 500 companies, which include export, advertising and media houses, and national and international manufacturers. It has always attracted the best of talent from all over the country. International brands and investors have built colossal office blocks, malls, multiplexes, hotels and amusement parks in this fast developing area.

Major International trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences and seminars are held in the NCR region, in association with government bodies. Most of these have become annual events providing a common platform for the manufacturers, traders, exporters and importers, attracting lakhs of visitors from India and abroad.

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