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DIRECTOR ACADEMICS - objective verity

Design is. Design was. Design will be.
Design has existed. Before existence.
As the preliminary schema. As the intent.
As the pathway & the steps. As the result.
The ongoing cycle. The continuum.
Design is the most important ingredient of,
both, animate & inanimate existence.
Design is the cause & structure for existence.
It is also the effect.
And Existence gives reason for Design to exist
as an activity.
Design is.

Cause. Effect. Or just simultaneous parallels.
Understandably dependant on our extent of
The process of design starts with AWARENESS
in all its forms… peripheral, binocular,
sensational…trancendental…et al.

Awareness of needs.
Awareness of connections.
Awareness of options & available choices.
Design goes on to use this awareness to
explore possibilities for creating.
Answers to problems. Answers to needs.
More problems even! And more answers…..
Creating needs. And more answers ..Always
more answers and solutions. Not necessarily
appropriate. Not necessarily the best.
And we go on…

‘Innovation’ today and most of what
blatantly declares itself as design today, is
just clever renovation of past innovations,
past solutions, repacked & re-presented,
hopefully in context, with appropriate
facelifting ingredients.
Innovative spinning & dodging & sprinting to
keep up the illusion. Justification for creating
objects we don’t really need.
Creations for created needs, the fuel for our
hunger…. for more.

The very life of the created object is getting
shorter & shorter. It is so easy to mask
shoddy solutions & cover them up with
sound effects, & skillful articulation; with
clever distractions and sleight of hand. Get
rid of them and get a NEW model before
anybody notices shortcomings. Build these
‘achievements’ into the system – as planned
obsolescence - planned redundancy.
Worship this worthwhile activity of Creation!

The world may seem to be getting smaller
in our internet addled, flying time conscious
GETTING SMALLER! Not with the bloated
new Mountain ranges we are building, the
layers upon layer of decommissioned goods
we add to its surface every day in land fills
& dumps.

Quite simply, this world does not wish to see
the seed fall; wait to see the tree grow.
It wants instant trees.
And so we try harder to produce instant
answers. Fast.
And we succeed, so easily. An irresponsible
design process has always been conveniently
faster and easier.
So we fail again. And again.
The larger picture reveals the landscape, the
desolation, the wrought ‘creation’. And the
regret. Most times its too late.

And this, in a world where there is no dearth
of Actual Needs, where we face a growing
dearth of resources, with our wasteful
consumption of energy & material and our
irresponsible & wasteful creations.
In a world where we simultaneously
continue to create our comfortable myths
of preservation, conservation, recycling, and
what not, while we are at it.

So whither innovation?
Whither creation - insightful, inspirational,
useful ?

Are we even prepared to welcome ‘Divine
Intercession’; ready even to permit its
wisdom; permit it to show us the entirety, the
connections and the continuities; enabling
us, in effect, to bring together the innovation,
the ‘Elegant’ solution.

The invisible whole is wisely resting and
waiting for us ‘real’ beings to join it one day!
So before we disappear entirely, let us begin
to see some real needs.
Let us Create some Real Solutions for Real
With awareness & intent.
Awareness. Intent. Creation.
At the least, here’s hoping for an innovative
renovation of innovation!
Join us.
Afterwards, of course, we would definitely
like to think we did it all; claim the credit;
take out a patent; make it repeatable at will!
Even so…let’s do it! Let’s start.

Benoy Thoompunkal
Director Academics
Partnerships, Research & Innovation