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  • Master Class by Maija Virta at Arch
  • Master Class by Maija Virta at Arch

Master Class by Maija Virta at Arch

We had an inspiring and informative session with Ms. Maija Virta - Founder, Director at Santrupti Engineers Pvt. Ltd. from Finland. She is an Architect and a member of the Green Building Council. She talked to our students regarding the importance of ‘green design’, and about the ambient air quality and the affects it has on our health and environment. She informed our students how the main pollutants associated with poor air quality are micro pollutant particles that we breathe into our lungs, Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs) present in the smells around us, and mold that grows on damp surfaces and releases pollen into the air. These pollutants can lead to respiratory problems, particularly amongst the young and elderly. She had an engaging discussion with our students who were eager to know more about such important facts regarding our environment, and the role of green design concepts in interior design.