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  • Arch at Vastra
  • Arch at Vastra
  • Arch at Vastra
  • Arch at Vastra
  • Arch at Vastra

Arch at Vastra

After all the painstaking efforts of the students and faculty and the hustle-bustle of hardwork and creativity, we successfully opened our stall at the prestigious Vastra’17. The innovative designs brought towards us a lot many curious eyes and appreciation. It was a very happy and proud moment for us to see all the elements harmonizing beautifully and creating a mesmerizing look that was being acknowledged by the visitors and eminent people of the industry. Many of them showered us with great compliments.

The compliments continued for our stall made painstakingly from bamboo by our fashion design students. The collection were adorned with aesthetic elements by the great contribution of our jewellery design students.

"You have the unique stall design showcasing collection." - said an impressed viewer.

"The display feels so warm and synchronized" said Ms. Raghushree Poddar, from Cheersagar, one of the leading Export Houses of Jaipur.

"Arch is a new and rising face of design education in the industry" said Mr. Vinod Ajmera, Founding Member of Vastra

"Everyone has set up their stall but Arch has 'created' their stall! It's very unique because the institute has highlighted students and their work. The students have put in a lot of efforts." Anoop Mathur - GM, RIICO

"I have been searching for Indian traditional designs fort the last 8-9 years, but what I have seen here is a great twist with traditional and modern designs." - Ruth from U.S. and Anita from Spain

"You see traditional Indian craft with the flavor of modern techniques." - Sedar Gorelli (Art Designer from UK)

"Your Garments stood out in whole show." - A viewer.

"Your stall is different than anything else we have seen till now " - A visitor to the stall.

While the praises were much appreciated, this is just the beginning, and now we have upcoming the Fashion Showcase of Student's Garment Collection at Vastra! Come visit us and witness for yourself the breathtaking glances of creativity galore!