BA Digital Design

International Degree Program (2+1 years)

Course Intent

The 2+1 years Digital Design course is a unique offer to study a BA International Degree qualification in 3 yrs. The course is delivered over 2 parts, where the 2 years of BTEC HND in Digital Design, a qualification awarded by Pearson, UK's largest globally recognized education group, will be undertaken at ARCH in India. The learner progresses to a top-up Degree at a partner University in UK for the 3rd year which is the Degree phase.

International study abroad degree program in Digital Design offers learners an intensive program that integrate Visual Communication, concepts of Design and the interactive image. The course commences with the principals applied Design Process and moves on to interactive fields such as 3D Animation, visual effects, Motion Graphics and Virtual Reality. The multidisciplinary degree focuses on the balds such as 3D anlance of Design, Arts and Sciences, generation of ideas and new forms of creativity. This area of learning combines Digital Technologies with Creative Designs for a new world of entertainment.

No. of Seats 20
Eligibility 12th (any stream)
Duration 2+1 Years

BTEC HND level 5(Pearson)after 2nd year at ARCH

BA degree awarded by UK University on Progression on 3rd year of study abroad.


Progression & Exchanges

Be a Design Thinker

Learning Outcome

  • Explore & Research into historic and contemporary precedent of creative industries professions.
  • Discuss Social, Historical & Cultural context of Art and Design movements, theories and practices.
  • Explore concepts, materials and processes through experimentation and testing.
  • Use industry standard software and hardware in response to a given context.
  • Investigate, Develop and Produce the use of Digital Design principles in the production of user experiences, through research and analysis.
  • Explore, Evaluate and Develop the development of print making technologies and practices through historic and contemporary precedent research.
  • Analyze, Develop and Evaluate a client brief to inform the development of a Digital Design and Content Strategy.
  • Present and evaluate a business plan for a creative venture.

Course Content

The curriculum imparts understanding and experience of Graphic environment along with language and The curriculum is future-focused, with project-based learning environment in digital practices and strong ties to the industry. The course uses a variety of software and equipment required for Digital Imaging, Digital Publishing and Multimedia Presentations including motion capture, Web Design, 2D / 3D Graphics and Screen-based practices.

Year 1 BTEC HND Level 4 (India)

The level 4 of the program will develop the basic skills necessary for all Designers. With units as Art & Design, Contextual Studies and Professional Development the learner will be prepared to enter in the Digital world. Screen-based Practices, Printmaking and Digital Design practices will provide the necessary skills for the next level of learning.

Year 2 BTEC HND Level 5 (India)

The second year focuses on the tools necessary for higher level of development process and products. Script writing for Design and Advanced Digital Design Studies will culminate in Applied Practice Collaborative Project (Pearson-set). Learners are introduced to entrepreneurship early on, however at this stage Creative Entrepreneurship and leadership skills are integrated with Project Management to be applied in project. Level 5 also will provide for industry exposure along with a period of internship.

Year 3

In year 3, the learners choose one of the affiliated UK universities to finalize plan for top-up degree. Immersing in a new culture, their own Design thinking, process and development is taken to a higher level. ARCH will facilitate progression to Degree with required processes and the Portfolio for evaluation by the University.

UK Universities for Progression to Top-up Degree

  • Salford University
  • University of Northampton
  • Teesside University

Career Opportunities

  • Motion graphic designer
  • Visual and Motion effects artist
  • Virtual reality designer
  • Interactive designer
  • UXI /UI designer
  • 3D animator
  • Editor

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