BVA (Applied Arts / Graphic Design)

Course Intent

Bachelor in Visual Arts (B.V.A- Applied Art/Graphic Design) is a 4 years Degree course affiliated to University of Rajasthan. The course provides students foundation in Graphic Design skills, where they explore ideas, generate concepts and original solutions to design briefs. Workshops and studio sessions teach image-making using variety of media. Through a series of tutorials, students develop software understanding and continue to build their essential design skills. Visual skills such as Visual Design, Illustrations, Photography, Editorial Design, Branding and Advertising, 3D Design and ensure that students have a broad understanding of Design solution and aesthetics. There is emphasis on why and how we Design instead of what we Design.

No. of Seats 25
Eligibility 12th (any stream)
Duration 4 year
Award Bachelor of Visual Arts,
University of Rajasthan

Progression & Exchanges

  • University of Rajasthan

Be a Design Thinker

Learning Outcome

  • Generate innovative Design ideas and apply appropriate techniques and design process.
  • Understand and apply color solutions for effective outcome.
  • Exhibit understanding of typography through articulation and appropriate application.
  • Exhibit communication and presentation skills.
  • Apply Design elements and principles to brief for innovative outcome.
  • Display understanding of marketing, brand development and promotion skills in application.
  • Establish industry connections through classroom projects, seminars and internship.
  • Explore historical and contemporary precedent in lighting for application in photography.
  • Illustrate lighting requirements, for a given context, in response to a brief.

Course Content

The curriculum imparts understanding and experience of graphic environment along with language and computer skills. Fundamentals and nuances of design are attended to through group discussions.

Year 1 Foundation

In the Foundation year, students will learn Hindi & English languages, Environmental Study and Elementary Computer Education. They will begin to understand basics of Visual Arts, Composition, Applied Art, 3D Design and Print Making which are integrated seamlessly for learning and application. Thus begins the journey of design experience at elementary level.

Year 2 Introduction to Subject, skills, context

In second year, students will learn subject specific knowledge of Advertising and History of Art while getting familiar with practice and skills of Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography and Computer Graphics. In theory, they will understand aesthetic of Indian Art while getting familiar with wide range of publishing formats in Advertising such as, Packaging, Poster, Newspaper Ads, Book Covers, Storyboarding & Character Illustration. The hands-on- experience will enhance their knowledge of lighting, properties & science of light, circle of confusion and software learning along with languages for communication.

Year 3 Application of Skills, knowledge

In year 3, students will expand their knowledge in Advertising Art and its ideation where as in Art History they will learn about Western & Eastern Art. At this stage, learning focuses more on conceptualization, experimentation and exploration in Design.

Year 4 Projects and Industry

In the final year, students will be introduced to professional aspects of industry and application for market specific briefs. Advertising theory will focus on Branding and Marketing, whereas Art History will familiarize students with Modern Art and its aesthetic values. Students will undertake an Internship, Market Explorations, Workshops, Industry Interactions to have a holistic understanding of Graphics industry.

Career Opportunities

  • Art director
  • Creative Head
  • Graphic Designer
  • Creative Visualizer
  • Photographer
  • Illustrators
  • Design Communicator
  • Brand Identity Developer

Book Counselling