Core Leadership

Archana Surana

Archana Surana

Founder - Director

We live in a globalised world. Our students, alumni and faculty are contesting on a national, but most importantly on an international level. The challenges are significant, and and it is our duty to provide our youth with excellent opportunities.

Our future generations have the right to be competitive and proud of the place they operate in and create. It becomes increasingly important that education, and especially higher education – undergraduate and postgraduate study - advances and thrives, responding to the demands of a constantly changing environment and contributing to the Jaipur, Indian and international communities.

The website holistic source of information related to our institution, our joint projects, student progression programs, affiliations and partnerships. It includes a showcase of students and alumni work and our longstanding association with a number of international design institutions for student progression and exchange. ARCH is also a voting member of international forums that include the World Design Organisation (WDO), the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI), and CUMULUS. We take great pride in announcing that ARCH will be the host for the Fashion Colloquia in 2020, here at our ARCH campus in Jaipur.

At ARCH, we provide an excellent education by internationally recognised and highly qualified faculty working tirelessly to motivate and support our students during their studies. Heartfelt thanks to each member of the ARCH community - our students, their parents and families, the faculty, staff, advisors, wellwishers, and last but not the least, the employers of our alumni, all of whom, have relentlessly supported us and worked towards strengthening our vision of empowering individuals to unleash their true potential.

I am confident that your time at ARCH will be both enjoyable and rewarding, providing you with knowledge and experience that will prove hugely beneficial in your future academic, personal and professional careers.

I wish you a wonderful creative learning journey and student life at ARCH.