Living with Design: A Design Story Competition

What you need to do?

Examine the world around you and see Design in action. How does this affect you and what impact does it have on people around you?
How does Design contribute to your world? For example, Design is perceived in many ways. Some see Design as two dimensional objects others see them as three dimensional; for example, screen printing, a chair, a turban or an ice-cream cone.
For reference check out hashtag #designstory #designinspiration #everydaydesgin #designinspo

Why we want you to do this?

We want to increase your awareness of Design in your environment and how objects & spaces impact you. We also want to know what you feel about what you see.

How to do?

Visually record the world of Design around you through a smart phone or a camera-video (minimum 480p) or pictures (minimum 8 Megapixels). You can use any app to create videos, animations etc.


Building your ability to understand and appreciate Design and its importance in everyday life. Building your ability to examine problems and creates solutions


  • Ist prize: DSLR
  • IInd Prize: Point & Shoot Camera
  • IIIrd Prize: Instant Camera
  • Annual Backstitch Magazine subscription for top 25 entries
  • Viewer's Choice Award: Android Phone

Certificates & Acknowledgment
Schools Trophy, Certificate and Award Picture
Publish on Social Media, ARCH website, Backstitch, calendar etc.

When & How entries can be submitted

Deadline for entries is

Entry Open

20th September 2018

Entry Closes

10th November 2018


Ist Week of December

Award Ceremony

Would be informed

Submission of Entry:

It takes two simple steps:

1. Register on

2. Upload

OR Video of design story has to be uploaded by the candidate on his Facebook page. Settings have to be as follows. Privacy setting for the video- Public(HQ), tag ARCH page and mention location as ARCH college and use the following hashtags. #ARCH #Designstory #DS2018 #ARCHcollege #Designinspiration #DesignCommunication

  1. One person can upload only ONE ENTRY (1-3 pictures, min 10 Megapixels)
  2. Story must be YOURS. You should have the original with you, failing which, your submission may be disqualified.
  3. Also add the following:
    • Photo title - so that we can identify your entry if you win
    • Location- Place where it was clicked/shot
    • Date- Date/s the pictures were taken
    • Camera/ Device used
    • Name
    • Email Id
    • Facebook Id/ Page URL
    • Contact Number

Judgment Criteria & Jury:

  • As the aim of the competition is to develop your sensitivity and observation skills towards your surroundings and the Design that supports every aspect of life in visible and invisible ways, the criteria is based on:
    • Originality
    • Perspective (point of view)
    • Clear (max. 30 words) explanation of your entry
  • Our Jury consists of eminent people from Photography, Design, Culture and Aesthetics.

Terms for Entry:

  • The competition is open to all Students in the age group of 16-25 Years.
  • Coaching institutions/Schools or colleges may only submit entries on behalf of the student with his/her permission. A scan of a signed release to this effect, from the student, must accompany the entry.
  • ARCH will have Right to Use of all submitted entries. By entering this competition, you are agreeing that the entry can be further reproduced or can be used in original form by the organizers (ARCH). These can be used on Posters, merchandise etc.
  • Entrants agree that all images selected for the exhibition, and the name of the creator, can be published on the ARCH website and the Design Communication portal, and used in Social Media, PR and marketing.
  • ARCH has a strict policy of avoiding reference to any political, religious or sexual topic. In addition, ARCH is never associated with weapons. Nor does it favor any one religion or caste over others.
  • If students wish to include references to active commercial Brands within their entries, such reference must be made in a way relevant to the core purpose of the message of the story.
  • If people are included in the submitted entries, it is important to remember the ethnic and cultural diversity of our country, and make provision accordingly with due sensitivity.
  • Once your entry has been received at you will get the Facebook link of the Event page on which the entry has been uploaded. The entry getting maximum Likes and Shares on the Facebook page will win the Viewer's Choice Award. You can share the link with your Friends/ Family to ask for votes.
  • Please do not thank or acknowledge the votes/comments individually during the duration of the contest. These comments bring the post on top of the timeline and hence may be disqualified on the ground of unfair practices.
  • Entries will be judged by a committee of independent judges. The judges' selection will be final. Correspondence regarding the judges' decisions will not be entered into.
  • Please note that you will be informed of the results by email once a decision has been made by the judges. For this purpose please ensure you can receive emails from our accounts

Please read the conditions and terms of entry carefully. You have to agree to them before you can submit your entry to the competition.

Your story can be based on the following Keywords

Accidents of Design Dangers of Design Great Design Productive Design
Act of Design Decorative Design Inconvenient Design Recall by Design
Animal Design Destructive Design Injuries due to Design Safety by Design
Beauty of Design Diseases of Design Innovative Design Short term Solution Design
Byproducts of Design Emergency Design Insensitive Design Simplicity of Design
Caring Design Environmental Design Learning by Design Social Design
Cleanliness by Design Environmental effects of Design Life Aid Design Successful Design
Comfort Design Experimental Design Logic of Design Sustainable Design
Communication of Design Extending Capabilities Design  - tools/ prosthetic Multipurpose Design The Human in human Design
Convenience by Design Failures of Design Mutations by Design Useful Design
Cosy Design Forever Design Natural Design Waste by Design
Cycle of Design Functional Design Natures Design Waste Products of Design
    Need based Design Wasteful Design


Following are few examples of Photos/ Videos taken by us. Looking forward to have more interesting Ideas from you !

Photo -

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

Upload Your Story Here





Phone Number



Age should be between 16 to 25 years




Qualification: 11th/12th/Pursuing Graduation



School/College/Institute Name
Facebook URL