ARCH College of Design and Business

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


ARCH was set up in the year 2000, under the aegis of the ARCH Educational Society to impart industrially and globally relevant, specialized education in Design. Through the 19 years of our existence, we have grown into a strong community of 6000 professionals, alumni, students, teaching faculty and support staff, all of whom, with their incredible energy and enthusiasm, have been a part of our journey. Our nurturing environment offers a place where you meet new people, seek new things, and unearth hidden talents.

Key Team Members @ ARCH!

Founder & Director Ms. Archana Surana
Director International Partnership, Research & Innovation Prof. Benoy Thoompunkal
Director, Projects Mr. Pramod Yadav
Dy. Head Academics Pinglay Dr. Neena Jaju


Q. How old is ARCH?
A. ARCH is a 19-year-old institution established in the year 2000.

Q. In which cities ARCH has its campuses?
A. ARCH has its campus in the capital city Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Q. Arch is an Institute or a College?
A. ARCH is a Design College offering varied UG|PG Degree and Professional development courses with International and National qualifications.

Q. How many students study at ARCH?
A. ARCH has a strength of more than 600 students in various disciplines of Design, Art and Business over an academic year.

Q. How many Students have passed out from ARCH?
A. More than 6000+ students and professionals have qualified from ARCH in last 19 years.

Q. Do ARCH offer International standard courses?
A. Yes! ARCH offers Bachelor of Arts (BA) which is an International Qualification.

Q. Is ARCH offering any other course than design?
A. Yes, ARCH offers BBA Bachelor of Business Administration Courses Affiliated with University of Rajasthan with focus on Entrepreneurship and Design.

Q. What are the Design courses of study available @ ARCH?
A. ARCH offers Degree and Professional courses in the stream of FASHION, INTERIOR, JEWELERY, PRODUCT and GRAPHIC DESIGN.

Q. Is scholarships available?
A. Yes! ARCH offers Academic merit based scholarships and conducts AIEED-SAT a scholarship test in the month of December and January.


Q. What are the courses available at ARCH College of Design & Business?                          
A. ARCH offers Undergraduate, Post Graduate and Short Term Professional Courses in Fashion, Interior, Jewellery, Product, Graphic Design and Business Management.

Q. Are the courses offered at ARCH are affiliated?
A. Yes! All the UG and PG level courses offered are Affiliated with Indian Universities and ARCH also provide International Degree Pathway for and International Degree through Guaranteed Progression.

Q. Which are the undergraduate courses available?
A. ARCH offers Bachelor of Design (B. DES), Bachelor of Arts(BA) International and Bachelor of Vocational Studies (B. Voc) undergraduate level courses.

Q. Which are the postgraduate courses available?
A. ARCH offers Master of Vocational Studies postgraduate level courses.

Q. What is B.Des ?
A. B. Des stand for Bachelor of Design which is a 4 year degree program Affiliated with University of Rajasthan. We offer B. Des in - Fashion, Interior, Jewellery, Craft & Accessory, Visual Arts (Graphic Design)

Q. What is BA?
A. BA stand for Bachelor of Arts which is an International Progression course and is a (3+1) year study abroad concept in strategic partnership with Pearson, is accredited to deliver six BTEC Level 5 HND qualifications in Art & Design. After successful completion of the Level 5 HND in 3 years at ARCH, students can progress in the 4th year directly into Graduation year of a BA course abroad and MA in 5th Year. (Language)
ARCH offers BA in Fashion, Interior, Product, Graphic.

Q. What is B.Voc
A. B.Voc stand for Bachelor of Vocational Studies is a 3 Year Undergraduate Degree Course Affiliated with Rajasthan ILD Skills University which is the first Skills based University in India focusing on Skills and Entrepreneurship development.
ARCH offers B.Voc in - Fashion, Interior, Jewellery, Graphic.

Q. What is M.Voc?
A. M.Voc stand for Master of Vocational Studies is a 2 year Post Graduate Degree course Affiliated with Rajasthan ILD Skills University which is the first Skills based University in India focusing on Skills and Entrepreneurship development.
ARCH offers M.Voc in - Fashion, Interior, Jewellery, Product, Design Communication.

Q. What is the difference between B. Des and BA course?
A. B.Des is an Indian Bachelor Qualification Affiliated with University of Rajasthan which is a State University. Whereas BA (3+1) is an International Study Abroad Course in strategic partnership with Pearson, and delivers six BTEC Level 5 HND qualifications in Art & Design. After successful completion of initial 3 years and HND (Higher National Diploma) Level 5 at ARCH, student progresses to an International Institution in the 4th year to complete BA Degree.

Q. What is the curriculum similarities and difference under B. Des and BA?
Both B. Des and BA develops the design thinking process in student. Following are the similarities and difference in both the curriculum.


  • Both are 4 Year Course
  • Both B. Des and BA (International) establishes strong technical skills required to work as an innovative practicing designer.
  • Both the courses cover design, drawing, history and theory combined together with practical applications.
  • Industry exposure is an integrated part within the curriculum of both the courses
  • Indigenous crafts and artisan work is carefully incorporated within the curriculum.
  • Both the courses focuses on development if design thinking process in a student.
  • Both the courses give Industry exposure through Industry, Govt. and Institutional Projects
  • Community involvement within both the curriculum enables students to equip grass root capacities of artisans & Crafts person.


  • B. Des offer Indian Degree from a State University which is University of Rajasthan whereas BA is International Degree course through guaranteed progression.
  • B. Des has option of summer school and exchanges for International exposure on the other hand under BA students go for guaranteed progression to complete Degree.
  • Under B. Des student study all 4 years in India with an option of international exposures through summer school and student exchanges whereas, BA (3+1) require a student to migrate to a Foreign Institution in final year to complete graduation.

Q. What are the difference between B. Des and B. Voc?

B. Des Curriculum.

  • Studio is the center of the curriculum and all other subjects are aligned with the studio
  • The Course focuses primarily on Concept building, design projects, theoretical and practical elements of design and studio learning. Skills development is an integral part
  • Advanced philosophical elements of design and designing.
  • Involves significant abstraction and critical thinking
  • Design research is a core element of curriculum

B. Voc Curriculum

  • Skills acquisition and practical elements of design area
  • Only foundational philosophical elements of design and designing
  • 40% is general education and 60% is skills education

Q. What are the benefits of International Study Abroad course?
A. Following are the benefits of Study Abroad Degree

  • Focus on International Standard of Education.
  • Choice of more than 15 Global Institutions to Study with
  • Cost Effective which is half the overall cost.
  • International Exposure through Guaranteed Progression
  • Opportunity of International Placements.
  • International Joint Projects with Foreign Universities.

Q. Explain Student Exchange Programmes offered by ARCH?
A. ARCH being a 19-year-old institution and very strong global connection has collaborated with more than 15 Foreign Design Institutions for Summer school, Short and Semester Exchanges Options.

Q. What is Pearson?
A. Pearson is world’s largest private education body in UK offering academic, vocational and work-based learning qualifications, including BTEC, Edexcel and LCCI. With its head office in London Person has accredited more than 200 Institutions globally.

Q. Define BTEC?
A. BTEC (Business and Technical Education Council) is one of the world’s most successful and preferred applied learning brands, engaging students in practical, interpersonal and thinking skills, for more than 30 years. Pearson BTEC Higher National qualifications are widely recognized by industry and higher education as principal qualifications at Levels 4 and 5. The Level 5 HND offers progression routes to Level 6 to any of the Pearson accredited Institution globally.


Q. What is the Admission criteria?
A. Admission under various courses at ARCH are done through a selection process called AIEED. All India Entrance Examination for Design.

Q. How can I Apply?
A. Login to and click on Apply.

Q. What is the application Fee?
A. Application Fee is Rs 3,000.

Q. What is the mode of Payment for application form?
A. Applications fee can be paid in cash, through Demand Draft or online on

Q. What is the mode of Examination?
A. Mode of Examination is online through an entrance examination called AIEED.

Q. Can I write AIEED offline also and if yes where?
A. Yes! AIEED can be attempted offline also but only through special permission, Offline AIEED exam can be attempted in Jaipur campus of ARCH.

Q. What is AIEED?
A. AIEED stands for All India Entrance Examination for Design which comprise of 4 stages,
Stage 1 - GAT – General Ability Test.
Stage 2 - CAT – Creative Aptitude Test.
Stage 3 -Video and Portfolio Submission &
Stage 4 -Personal Interaction.

Q. When is AIEED form available?
A. AIEED application forms are available from October 1st every year.

Q. When does the AIEED conducted?
A. AIEED being an online exam, a student selects his/her own dates which must be within 15 days to appear in the examination from the date of applying.

Q Is there a separate examination to apply for scholarship?
A. No scholarship are awarded through AIEED-SAT (All India Entrance Examination for Design- Scholarship Aptitude Test conducted by ARCH to award scholarships.

Q. What are the Dates of AIEED-SAT?
A. AIEED-SAT is conducted twice every year under
Phase 1 – 1st to 15th Dec
Phase 2 – 15th to 30th Jan.

Q. Is there separate preparation required?
A. Not necessarily one need to exclusively prepare for AIEED. AIEED is an open book examination which primarily tests basic General Aptitude in a student followed by Creative Aptitude. Though it is expected from a student to have a creative portfolio so that it can be ascertain give a basic creative understanding of a student so that to guide a student which is the best course.

Q. What is Creative Portfolio?
A. A creative portfolio is collection of designs created by a design aspirant which includes sketching, art and craft work done, paintings, etc.

Placements & Internship

Q. How are placements at ARCH?
A. With 6000+ alumni network, ARCH has a very strong pool of recruiting partners which includes National and International Brands.

Q. Do ARCH has a placement cell?
A. Yes! ARCH has a dedicated entrepreneurship and placement cell managed by students under the guidance of placement experts.

Q. Can I apply for a Government Job after studying at ARCH?
A. Students studying Indian degree are eligible to apply for Government Jobs.

Q. What is internship?
A. Internships are short term employment opportunity provided by recruiters under their social corporate responsibility, where students join an organization for a period ranging between 2-3 months.

Q. Are Internships paid?
A. It depends on company to company, and of it is paid students shall not expect salary. These are stipend so that a student can meet the minimum expenses of travel and food.

Q. When does internship happen?
A. It happens during end of even semesters.

Q.Does ARCH helps in Internships?
A. Yes! It does through its Internship and Placement cell.