Fashion Design Competition

You are invited to submit one full ensemble (Menswear, Women's wear, Gender Neutral) inspired by one of the following categories:

a) Indian Drapes and Silhouettes
Made by textiles from natural fibers / textiles sourced globally.

b) Indian Traditional Textiles (Handloom & Handcrafted)
Global silhouettes in Indian Handloom & Handcrafted Textiles for fabrication.

Guidelines for Submissions

  • Completed application form including 300-word concept note and description of the outfit/exhibit
  • No more than 5 photos of outfit/exhibit - JPEG images labelled with student name (medium resolution for initial entry; and on selection, high resolution).
  • Mood board of concept images.
  • For exhibit/installation: The size limit of the is min.2ft - max.5ft. Works that are technically and economically feasible and transportable will be accepted. Installation with modular construction will be given preference.
  • All the files should be submitted via email. (PDF format).
  • Entrants may be artists, designers, students and practitioners, over 18 years old, individually or in partnership or sponsored.
  • Provide complete contact information (Name of the designer, affiliation, email address, phone number).
  • Upon acceptance, the Participant will have to travel to Jaipur to display their exhibit/ installation during the colloquium. Participants will bear their travel cost.
  • Selected Participants will not be charged the conference registration fees.

Timelines for Design Competition

Particulars Day and Date
Submission Deadline 30th September 2019, Monday
Acceptance notice will be sent by 15th October 2019, Tuesday

Please send concept note, description of the outfit & pictures to