International Linkages

International Student & Staff Exchange Programmes

NSCAD University

Agreement with NSCAD University, Canada

  • Development of teaching & research resources
  • Exchange of Staff & Students
  • Joint Research Activities
  • Participation in Seminars
  • Exchange of pedagogical and scientific documents
  • Exploration of advanced standing in meeting Degree completion requirement
  • Joint Publications
Middlesex University

Pearson Linked Progression Destination
Middlesex University, London

  • Developing the possibility of portfolio workshops in India or virtually to help ARCH students for progression opportunities in the UK.
  • Opportunities for students of each institution to participate in summer courses to introduce them to each other's culture, art and design.
  • Consultancy project to assist ARCH with Curriculum Design.
Saxion University

Academic Cooperation Agreement (ACA) with Saxion
University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

  • Semester Exchange & other Exchange Programmes
  • Exchange of Faculty & Staff Members
  • Research
  • Joint Projects
UDEM Universidad de Monterrey

Mou with UDEM Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico

  • Progression opportunities.
  • Skill transfer courses.
  • Development of Curriculum and pedagogy in Design Education.
  • Visits by and exchange of staff and graduate students for research, teaching and discussions.
  • Exchange of information like library materials and research publications.
  • Development of student progression pathways at undergraduate and postgraduate level.
Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)

Progression Agreement with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), UK

Students after completion of BTEC HND in Fashion & Textiles, can progress to BA (Hons.) International Fashion Top up Degree at the Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), UK

Teesside University

Agreement with Teesside University, UK

Exploration of collaborative partnerships in order to provide progression to Level 6 top-up undergraduate courses Visits by and exchange of staff and graduate students for research, teaching and discussions.

Textila Gymnasiet in Stockholm

MoU with Textila Gymnasiet in Stockholm, Sweden (now part of Tillskararakademi, Sweden)

  • The exchange of teaching and research personnel and students
  • The development in research activities.
  • Exploration of collaboration at course level.
University of Northampton

MoU with University of Northampton

  • Identifying areas of curriculum mapping for joint collaboration.
  • Provision of progression routes for students.
  • Provision of opportunities for staff development.
Ecole Boulle and École Duperré

Agreement with Ecole Boulle Paris, France

Exploration of collaborative partnerships through exchange of staff and graduate students for research, teaching and internships.

International Memberships


IFFTI - International Foundation Of Fashion Technology Institutes

IFFTI forms the apex body of leading International Fashion Education Institutions, coming together to meaningfully help each other in upgrading their courses, assist in bringing about professionalism in the structure and operation of the industry in their countries, and contribute towards the establishment of a framework of cooperation and collaboration.

ARCH is a full member of IFFTI and is on the EducationIndustry Sub Committee as well as the Membership sub Committee.

Being an observer & participant & a voting member in all activities of IFFTI, ARCH benefits by getting to share information, educational and otherwise, for exploring and taking forward opportunities for possible collaborations with other member institutions towards student & faculty exchanges & progression for higher studies

The foundation presently comprises 52 members from 24 countries. Since its inception on 14th October 1999 at New Delhi, India, IFFTI is one of the most comprehensive and prestigious international organizations representing leading fashion higher education institutions in the areas of design, technology and business.



ARCH is a full member of CUMULUS, opening up immense opportunities for international exposure for our students and faculty members. The association includes well known members like The National Institute of Design, India; the University of Antwerp, Belgium; Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Denmark; The Istituto Marangoni School of Design, Italy, among many others.

Cumulus is the International Association of Universities & Colleges of Art, Design & Media, formed to serve Art and Design education and research. Initiated with an aim to build and maintain a dynamic and flexible academic forum that would bring together top-level educational institutions from all parts of the world, Cumulus offers wider international context for discussion and developments in education and research of art, design and media. Through intensive workshops, projects and biannual conferences. It currently consists of 257 members from 54 countries. The Cumulus Secretariat is located in Helsinki, Finland.


WDO - World Design Organisation

At the recently concluded General Assembly in Torino, Italy, ARCH as a member, helped vote into position, Srini S. Srinivasan, an Indian Technocrat, as President, to lead the board for the period up to 2019. The Organization also celebrated 60 years of its existence at the conference.

ARCH holds membership of WDO as part of its strategy to progress in international Industry Oriented Design Education. The WDO provides an international platform to over 50 member nations to express and share views related to Design & Development based on the Sustainable Goals chalked out by the United Nations. Access to WDO resources enables research and collaborative understanding of new pedagogy for structuring courses towards sustainable design development. It also enables explorations towards developing collaborative possibilities for assistance in various projects undertaken by the Academy.

The World Design Organization (WDO), formerly known as the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID), is an international non-governmental organization founded in 1957 to promote the profession of industrial design. The organisation advocates industrial design driven innovation that creates a better world, engaging more than 140 member organizations in collaborative efforts and carrying out international courses-World Design Capital, World Design Talks, World Design Impact Prize, World Industrial Design Day, and Inter-design. WDO has United Nations Special Consultative Status.


HKRITA - The Hongkong Research Institute Of Textiles And Apparel

ARCH is a member of the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA). The key role of HKRITA is to foster research, development and technology transfer in the textiles and clothing industry since Hong Kong is the world's second-largest clothing and apparel exporter after mainland China. HKRITA membership benefits include: Access to the R&D Projects Database and basic project information

Updated news on emerging technology and industry trends Members who are project sponsors gain access to information proprietary to the particular project Privilege in participation of technical seminars and activities organised by HKRITA

HKRITA was established in April 2006 with funding support from the Innovation & Technology Commission, HKSAR Government. HKRITA is also supported by institutes, companies and associations in the textiles and clothing industry in Hong Kong, Mainland China and other countries.