M.Voc Design Communication & Entrepreneurship

Course Intent

The two years PG(Post Graduate) Degree in Design Communication is focused on delivering a combined discipline consisting of Communication Design and Information Development. The recent and rapid dynamics of Communication has led to need for intervention that is required on a gamut of media such as print, online and social media, which are constantly evolving, creating and posing challenges for new ways to Communicate with the users.

This program creates an overview and understanding of the fundamental concepts in Design Communication, provides ability to create new perspectives to different processes including the new technologies thus further increasing confidence of learners in industry practice. The Design Communicator will inform and educate using graphic and non-graphic elements as: Typography, Photography, Drawing, Video/Animation, Audio, Storytelling, and Interaction, Space, Writing Skills. Design Communicators increasingly collaborate with other fields to help meet human needs according to the briefs of the events.

Be a Design Thinker

Course Content

The Master of Vocation (M.Voc.) in Design Communication curriculum is an amalgamation of research driven and handson approach. This programme facilitates the learner to face the challenge of keeping pace with the latest trends, technologies and debates. The degree aims to prepare students for work in industries as well as work independently. Here,the student is guided to critically analyse the ways in which the design communication reflects, represents and influences the world.

The programme intends to equip the learners with key disciplines of design business and entrepreneurship including understanding of indigenous and global communication in design, planning and management of creative enterprises, business communication,and marketing. The student is encouragedand facilitated in starting a business, applying knowledge and practical understanding of product, processes, supply chain, retail management,market and trends, to attribute unique features to the project.


Year 1

Introduction to Communication Design

Design Research Methodology, Entrepreneurship, Visual Language & Typography, Photography,

Project Management, Trends Research, Analysis & Forecasting, Web Design & Social Media, Design Project & Documentation.

Year 2

Building on Foundational Skills

Identity System Design, Accelerator programme & Allied Workshops, Industry Internship, Incubation, Design Communication Project, Dissertation & Portfolio

No. of Seats 30
Eligibility Graduation in any stream
Duration 2 year

Master Of Vocational Degree (M.VOC) in Design & Entrepreneurship (Design Communication) from RISU

ARCH Certification


  • Rajasthan ILD Skills University

Career Opportunities

  • Communication Advisor
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Advertising Specialist
  • Advertising Photographer
  • Advertising Traffic Manager
  • Public Relationship
  • Assistant Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Editor
  • Event Coordinator
  • Photographer
  • Content writer for Media
  • Digital content Producer
  • Media Advocacy
  • Social Media Expert
  • Instructional Designer
  • Website Designer
  • Website Designer

Book Counselling

Learning Outcome

  • Understanding of global communication and interpret design ideas and technical specifications.
  • Excellence in typographic practice using grid systems across analogue and digitalmedia.
  • Ability to apply promotion skills for brand development and value quality and processes necessary for design and commercial impact.
  • Develop entrepreneurial acumen along with business communication skills.
  • Conduct research through relevant methodology and derive solutions and prepare a business plan and work with transforming technologies.
  • Ability to incubate, design and execute a business plan to gain funding.
  • Ability to evaluate the design impact on corporate ethics.