M.Voc Design Communication

Course Intent

The two years PG(Post Graduate) Degree in Design Communication is focused on delivering a combined discipline consisting of Communication Design and Information Development. The recent and rapid dynamics of Communication has led to need for intervention that is required on a gamut of media such as print, online and social media, which are constantly evolving, creating and posing challenges for new ways to Communicate with the users.

This program creates an overview and understanding of the fundamental concepts in Design Communication, provides ability to create new perspectives to different processes including the new technologies thus further increasing confidence of learners in industry practice. The Design Communicator will inform and educate using graphic and non-graphic elements as: Typography, Photography, Drawing, Video/Animation, Audio, Storytelling, and Interaction, Space, Writing Skills. Design Communicators increasingly collaborate with other fields to help meet human needs according to the briefs of the events.

No. of Seats 30
Eligibility Graduation in any stream
Duration 2 year
Award M.Voc Design Communication (Rajasthan ILD Skills University)


  • Rajasthan ILD Skills University

Be a Design Thinker

Learning Outcome

  • Students will be able to understand the phases of the Design Development Cycle with reference to the Communication brief.
  • Students will be able to understand, apply and find appropriate solutions for different user's needs.
  • Students will be able to make an accurate research in order to provide different options and solutions, according to the problem brief.

Course Content

Year 1

In year one, the focus will be on understanding and working with the Design Principles, Generating new Ideas and developing them with the use of some tools as Typography, Photography, Material Exploration. They will get the necessary knowledge to start research projects that will include visual and written matter, in order to get the ability to fill gaps in most of the common areas of Design. Students will initiate learning and understand approach of the essential software as Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop.

Year 2

Building on subject specific knowledge, contextual and technology Understanding. In year 2, students will start interaction with real users, work on government or private projects that includes understanding of brief, user needs, objectives and deliverables of the project. They will also understand the importance of online and offline Communication to reach the target and apply to projects. Assignments briefs and project briefs will lay emphasis on application of communication Skills to a media such as Social Media, for relevant outcome of Communication.

Career Opportunities

  • Branding Manager
  • MarComm Communicator
  • Design Communicator
  • Social Media Manager
  • PR(Public Relations) & Event Manager
  • Visualizer
  • Advertiser
  • Photographer

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