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1 Photography

Course Intent

This course intends to help students become well rounded in the fundamentals of digital photography. The course will cover four areas of understanding, practice and outcome: How a camera works, how composition works, how lighting works, how to use photo editing software.

Duration 3 Months- 6 Months
Teaching Hours 9 Hours per week
No. of Seats 25
Eligibility 12th grade
Award Arch Certificate

Academic Affiliation

  • Arch Certificate

    Arch Certificate

Learning Outcome

  • Understand & apply the basic elements of light in photography. (Iso, F-Stop, SS).
  • Understand the use of the Different Elements in the camera, and their benefits.
  • Acquire knowledge for Photography Edition using softwares as Photoshop & Lightroom.

Course Content

Photography 1 is a beginner course which addresses photographic theory, technical understanding, applications, composition, practice and history. Students will, generally, receive basic instruction, demonstration, and see samples of the desired outcomes. Studio and indoor shoots, under control lighting and out-door shooting will form the content of course. Perhaps the most useful part of classroom instruction will be daily review of photos students have shot the previous day(s). In addition, students will learn photo-editing software for image improvement, effects and presentation.

This course provides the basis for advanced Film Photography, Digital Photography, Video and Film Making. The content offers the student the opportunity to evaluate the quality of your photographs and appreciation of art by providing a better understanding and use of these mediums.

Career Opportunities

  • Assistants to Jewellery Designer
  • Photojournalism
  • Life style Product photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Travel photography
  • Interior photography

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