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About Summer School

Welcome to the Summer School in Design Studies!

By Arch Collage of Design and Business, Jaipur

In this program, we aim to introduce school students to the world of design and provide them with a comprehensive understanding of what it means to pursue a career in design. Throughout the program, students will explore design education, life in a design school, career opportunities, and the attributes required to be a good designer.

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Program Highlights

Creative Environment
Design Education
Develop New Skills & Interests
Explore Jaipur
Who Should Attend

Learning Outcomes

Gain Knowledge and Understanding

  • 1. Experience campus life in Design College
  • Understand various design fields and careers

2. Develop DesignAbility

  • Exposure to Design Thinking and Processes
  • Learn through hands-on experience in Design

3. Develop New Skill & Personality

  • Interact with Design Thinkers and Professionals
  • Cultural immersion and Skill Development

4. Certification

  • Certificate From Arch, which will help in University Application for Higher Studies