Heritage… Stories of Change …Our Shared Future

Stories of our past have evolved from our rich heritage and culture to shape our present lives. The quest of the human mind to know the unknown and to explore is the lead for the creation of our future and stories play a great role. New stories need to be written for our meaningful existence of a shared future.

Fashion has a profound influence on people, the planet & profits and it has an inherent existence in the cultural fabric of our society. Is our heritage merely a reflection of identity or can it bring us clues to the construction of our time ahead? What place does it have in the new world of computation and big data?

In the light of a present scenario where we are dealing with pressing concerns of global poverty, scarcity & environmental issues, the bigger desire to make it to Mars and live in a utopian world is driving us towards writing the new stories of Change.

The Colloquia at Jaipur, India in January 2020 will provide a forum for discussions, debate and interaction on how essential and integral it is for us to protect and preserve the colors and threads of our rich material culture and the unique stories they tell us. Narratives and Researches will be brought by Art & Textile historians, Textile & Costume experts, Academicians, Writers & Poets, Musicians & Performers, Industry experts, Technocrats, Social Economists & Anthropologists, Craftsmen & Artisans. They will bring together the rich variegated forms of storytelling to build a new shared future.

Join hands with us if you believe that stories from our heritage and Indigenous knowledge systems from across the planet could open new ways of thinking and we bring meaningful conversation and dialogue for transformation.

Sub- Themes

We welcome contributions related to the following sub-themes.

  1. Myth to Meaning - Narratives Towards Sustainable Futures
  2. Disruption & Innovation - Academia & Industry
  3. New Technologies & New Paradigms - Stories of Transformation
  4. Change Makers - New Fashion Business Models
  5. Fashion Governance in a Local Context

Myths to Meaning - Narratives Towards Sustainable Futures
The track seeks to explore legends or folklore surrounding textile heritage, indigenous crafts & methodologies that hold the potential to stir new perspectives into the world of fashion. How can we reinforce connections between the unique and unexplored ecosystems of the past and the future of fashion.

Disruption & Innovation in Fashion - Academia & Industry.
The focus here is on design thinking & methods that reformulates the perspective for academia and industry. It focuses on the development of alternative pedagogic systems, vocabularies & strategies that align with the idea of innovation.

New Technologies & New Paradigms - Stories of Transformation
This track invites stories that trigger creative, disruptive and conscious fashion and design practices by applying technological developments combined with ideation and speculation.

Change makers - Innovative Fashion Business Models
This track encourages business models that do not conform, but reform. New domains may include reinvention of the competitive landscape, market driven economy vs impact investment, redefining business success and inclusive growth. It may question what ‘value’ means in today’s economy and how it reflects on research in design, branding and marketing.

Fashion Governance in a Local Context
Highlighting the importance of rethinking the rips in the existing fashion system and offering alternate approaches and fresh perspectives, the track seeks to examine the role of governance in the sector. This will include assessment of the alignment & quality of local governance in development of strategies to tackle issues of inequality, social discrimination and marginalization while fulfilling the global aspiration of fashion.