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Cumulus Student Talent Camps are special student programs offered by the Cumulus Association to enrich the Cumulusian community and advance the mission and values of the association by offering new possibilities to students. These Camps create inspiring exceptional learning environments that foster engagement, networking, collaboration, and knowledge exchange under the umbrella of art, media, design education and research in an open and friendly atmosphere that celebrates the increasingly diverse and global nature of the Cumulus “family.” Each edition of the Camp is hosted and organized by a selected local host from among the Cumulus member institutions worldwide

In 2023, ARCH College of Design & Business, Jaipur, India, shall host and conduct the first edition of the Cumulus Student Talent Camp on the theme ‘Design Identity Direction’ focusing on Learning from Living Traditions and working towards SDGs (4,7,8,9,11,12,17) in a regional and global context. The creative industries are an essential part of all economies. They offer many kinds of opportunities for young people and students in the creative fields to explore their creativity and develop their skills. India is a fascinating country with a rich heritage and glorious history. Integrated with diverse cultures, and a variety of unique experiences to offer, it is the 5th largest economy on the planet and has a great demographic dividend globally. Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan, the largest state in the country. Other than being an architectural marvel and a home to royalty, the city nurtures strong cultural and indigenous practices contributing immensely to the global creative industry in sectors like fashion & textiles, gems & jewellery, and handicrafts. With numerous GI (Geographical Indication) registrations from the region it is also a technology hub boasting of unicorns and a booming startup entrepreneurial ecosystem.


  • The course/ camp is open for undergraduate (2nd year and above) and postgraduate students in Design, Art, Architecture, media studies and research.
  • Participants must be an enrolled undergraduate as of September 2021 onwards, only from accredited college/universities that are Cumulus members. Please check the Cumulus Association’s website for reference.
  • Must be at least 18 years old as of 2022.
  • Hold valid travel documents, mainly passport valid for at least 6 months after the course.
  • Must be able to attend courses and give presentations in English.
  • Focused and free to attend all the program activities over 5 days from 30 Oct to 03 Nov 2023.
  • The optional 6th day, 04 Nov, is meant for City Tour/ site and museum visits.
  • Number of participants limited to 50-60 available seats.

Application Process

    In Brief
  • Registrations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.
  • Group applications are possible; unified payment is acceptable.
  • To support the planning process, the Cumulus member institutions are encouraged to send their Expression of Interest for the participation of their students on or before 15thAugust 2023.
  • The home institutions are responsible for selecting their students as per the eligibility criteria shared.
  • The online Application accessed with ‘Application Open’ below is to be filled and the Registration payments made before 15th September 2023.
  • Program applicants must read the Declarations and Terms & Conditions and check the corresponding box in the online application to guarantee their declarations, and that the terms and conditions of the Program are understood and accepted.
  • Registration fee is waived for CEB members accompanying their students.Additionally, the registration payment of 1 accompanying teacher is also waived if 10 or more students from an institution are registered. (10 students or more = one teacher free!)

    The Tour on the last day however is chargeable for both teachers and students if they book ahead and choose to participate.

  • The fee for Registration per person is 300 € (Euro)
    The optional 6th day (Nov 04) City Tour/Museums/Visits costs 30 € (Euro) per person. If chosen, this amount may be added to the total for payment.
  • Students as well as Teachers who wish to participate should fill and submit theCumulus Student Talent Camp Application Form using the ‘Application Open’ button.

  • The application forms can be filled for individuals as well as for a Group of Individuals. Use ‘Submit another Response’ on page 2 of the form.
    It is advised that after completing and submitting individual/ group Application Forms, the Registration payments should be made immediately with a Credit Card/ Debit Card (activated for international transactions) using the Payment Link as shared on page 2 of the form.

    This will complete Registration and secure each applicants place/places in the Student Talent Camp.

    The link can also be used independently to make payments after the Application Form is submitted. (This flexibility is provided to accommodate late decisions, if any, to participate and pay for the Heritage Tour planned for the last day of the Camp).

    Please be reminded though, that all payments are to be completed on or before 15th September 2023 to ensure a place in the Camp.
    If in doubt please communicate with

  • There are TWO MODES of PAYMENT possible:-
    1. With Credit Card/ Debit Card (activated for international transactions) using the Registration Payment Gateway link above through which applicants can make payments for themselves (Individual) or Group Payments (Unified payment for more individuals together)
    2. Please Note: The Payment Gateway ONLY allows payments with Credit or Debit Cards. Make sure the Cards are activated for international transactions.  Payments are possible in GBP, AUD, USD, EUR, and INR.

    3. BANK TRANSFER - If an Institution prefers this mode to make an institutional joint payment for an entire group of its students they can do so. However, all the students have to first fill and submit the Application Form/s. They will have to check/ tick the box for the Bank Transfer option in the Application Form. They should not use the Payment Gateway link button. The institution must follow this up by confirming their preference for this payment mode by addressing a request to Institutions can request an invoice if required to enable their process.Find below our Bank Details to be used only for Bank Transfers.

      Name: Arch Educational Society
      A/c No: 50100384692990
      Bank: HDFC Bank Ltd.
      Branch: Bapu Nagar, Jaipur 302015
      IFSC Code: HDFC0002838
      Swift Code : HDFCINBBXXX
      For queries mail to, if required. We would be most happy to help.

  • The following additional files are required to be sent by applicant students in a digital format (preferably PDF), to, by 15th September, 2023
    1. 150-word Statement of Purpose (SoP) explaining the reason for choosing to participate in the program along with some information of their interest areas,
    2. CV
    3. Portfolio representing some of their work done to date.
  • All Cumulus member institutions are requested to support their student applicants with a Note of Intent (NOI) on institutional letterhead listing their students who have registered and paid, (or the institution has paid on their behalf), and affirming that the applying students are still enrolled in their institution. The NOI should be shared with the host institution ARCH at by 15thSeptember 2023. This should include the names of accompanying teachers, if any.
  • A copy of the relevant pages of the Passports of registered participants will have to be shared with by 15thSeptember enable INVITATION LETTERS to be sent to them towards their Visa applications.

Application Open


  • Q.What is the Student Talent Camp, and who is it for?

    A: The Student Talent Camp is a program organized by Cumulus Association hosted by ARCH College of Design & Business for students interested in exploring the application of design in real-life situations. It is aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students of art, design, media and architecture and related fields.

    Q.Where and when will the Student Talent Camp take place?

    A: The Student Talent Camp will take place in Jaipur - Rajasthan, India, from 30 October to 3 November 2023.

    Q.What are some of the IMPORTANT DATES to keep in mind?

    Date Task
    By 15 Aug'23 Student applicants/Cumulus member institutions are welcome to convey their interest in participating to the camp host.
    By 15 Sept'23 The online registration form requires to be filled completely and submitted by this date with the Course Fee of 300 € (Euro) per participant(student/ accompanying teacher, if any).
    By 15 Sept'23 ‘Confirm by’ Date for booking Optional 6th day - City Tour / Museums/Visits (participation is a choice and should be confirmed by student/ teacher). Payment of 30 € (Euro) per participant may be made either at time of the main Talent Camp Registration or as a separate transaction by this date.
    30 Oct'23 to 3 Nov'23 Student Talent Camp
    4 Nov'23 Optional 6th day for tours and visits

    Q.How to get to Jaipur?

    A: Check for the direct flight availability from your country to Jaipur. If no direct flights are available, then you can opt for Delhi which is a nearby international airport other than Jaipur. From there you can reach Jaipur by taking a domestic flight or a 4-hour road trip via bus to reach Jaipur.

    Q.How long does it take to obtain a visa?

    A: For the necessary visas and permits before traveling, apply at least two months in advance in consultation with the Indian embassy / consulate in your country

    Q.Is it safe to travel to Jaipur and attend the Student Talent Camp?

    A: Safety measures will be in place to ensure the safety of attendees during the camp. It is advisable to consult with the Indian embassy in your country for any travel advisories in case of prerequisites.

  • Q. What is the application process for the Student Talent Camp?

    A: The application process for the Student Talent Camp consists of filling an online form completely and accepting the terms and conditions. The registration course fee amount of 300 € (Euro) is to be deposited at the time of registration through 1.Credit/ Debit card (activated for international transactions) or 2.Bank Transfer. (For enabling Bank Transfers the Bank details of the hosting institution will be shared). Group applications are possible. Unified payments are acceptable.

    Q. What criteria will be used to select attendees?

    A: Applicants will be selected on the basis of their work Portfolio, CV and Statement of Purpose (SOP) as well as the recommendation of their home institution. The course/ Camp is open for Undergraduate (2nd year and above) and postgraduate students in Design, Art, Architecture, media studies and research. All attendees are required to be conversant in the English language. Each applicant must be at least 18 yrs. old as of 2022 and must be still enrolled students of their home institution.

    Q. How many students will be selected to attend the Student Talent Camp?

    A: The maximum number of students selected to attend the Student Talent Camp is 50 to 60 on first come first served basis. For more information, please refer to the main document (Eligibility).

  • Q. Is Covid vaccination required to reach India?

    A: India has relaxed norms for international arrivals in view of declining covid-19 trajectory in the country. As per the new guidelines, the government has scrapped the requirement of Air Suvidha for arriving international passengers and vaccination certificate is not mandatory. It’s advisable to consult the Indian embassy / consulate in your country in advance to be made aware of the latest directives.

  • What is the schedule for the Student Talent Camp?

    A: The schedule for the Student Talent Camp will include craft site visits, industrial cluster visits, workshops, and cultural activities. For details refer to the program schedule above

  • In which language the camp will be conducted ?

    A: The camp shall be conducted in English

  • Q: What types of workshops and activities will be offered during the Camp?

    A: The Student Talent Camp will offer workshops on various design-related topics and site visits to craft clusters and industrial hubs to identify and define the application of design in its real context. Cultural activities will also be included. A guided city tour on the 6th day is offered at an extra cost of 30€ (Euro) to those who book it in advance.

    Q: Who would be accompanying the groups for the site visit?

    A: For site visits, each group will be accompanied by two Arch students, an ARCH mentor as well as student tutors from the home institutions, if present.

    Q: Are there any computer resources with software at the campus?

    A: There is a dedicated CAD Lab on campus for any support. However, it is advised that students carry their own cameras and laptops with required software’s for documentation, presentation and creative work.

  • Q: How can I get to the campus from the airport or train station?

    A: Transportation will be arranged by attendees from the airport to the hotel. Attendees can also pre-plan domestic connecting flights to Jaipur from their port of landing.

    Q: Is transportation provided during the camp?

    A: Yes, transportation will be provided for the site visits. The hotel to and fro will be managed by the participants themselves.

    Q: How to travel in the city?

    A: Apps like Uber/Ola via online booking are the safest option to travel by car.

  • Q: What types of accommodations are available for attendees?

    A: The attendees can select any accommodation from the list of recommended 3–5-star hotels located near the campus (as shared in the main call document). It is recommended that attendees arrange their own stay, keeping in mind a twin sharing basis in booking rooms. This is more economical, but it is not compulsory. Participants are free to book single occupancy accommodation if they are willing to bear the higher cost.

  • Q: What should I do if I have dietary restrictions?

    A: Attendees with dietary restrictions are advised to inform the organizers in advance. The ARCH Campus serves only vegetarian food. Fruits, milk & cheese products will be available, but no meat, fish or egg would be prepared or served. Also, the food might have a moderate amount of spices. If preferred, and if time allows as per schedule, attendees can have any kind of food outside the campus at their own cost.

  • Q: What do I need to bring with me to the Student Talent Camp?

    A: It is recommended to bring comfortable clothing suitable for site visits and some light warm clothes for the slightly cooler weather. Some basic medicines for common ailments are also recommended. You should bring all purpose comfortable shoes for walking.

    Q: Type of electricity sockets to carry?

    A: India has a 230V electricity supply with 6 amps and 15 amp sockets. All sockets have round pin holes. There are three plug types – type C (6 amp, 2 pin), type D (6 amp, 3 pins) and type M (15 amp, 3 pin). Please check your equipment requirements and carry adaptors, if required.

    Q: Suggested equipment to bring with us to participate ?

    A: Laptop, cameras, basic stationery and related accessories like charger & hard disk, if needed. Your smartphones, of course!

  • Q: Will there be opportunities for networking with other attendees?

    A: Yes, there will be opportunities for networking with other attendees during the workshops, site visits, cultural activities and special evenings like the welcome (29 Oct) and closing dinner (3 Nov).

    Q: Will there be any opportunities to meet with faculty members or industry professionals during the camp?

    A: Yes, various opportunities to meet with faculty members and industry professionalsthroughout the camp duration.

  • Q: Will there be any additional sightseeing opportunities during the camp?

    A: Yes, there will be cultural activities and city tours. Visits to heritage sites and museums will be arranged for interested participants. This would be at an additional cost of 30 € (Euro), inclusive of travel.

  • Q: Will there be any certification for attendees?

    A: Participation certification shall be awarded to all attendees at the end of the Camp with a record of all the activities participated in.

  • Q: How can I stay connected with ARCH College of Design & Business after the Student Talent Camp is over?

    Follow ARCH College of Design & Business on social media for further updates for future events, online programs and course at

    For further queries or information, please contact (0) +91 7229800566or write to us on

  • Some useful words in Hindi that would be of help:Namaste (Greetings)/ Dhanyawaad (Thanks)/ Khana (food and eating)/ Samay (time)/ Dost (friend)/ Mein (Me, I)/ Aap (you)
    Jaipur is considered to be a safe and tourist friendly City, here are some general suggestions that you might like to follow. List of some important dos and don'ts for travel in India are:

    Dos Don'ts
    A. General Instructions for Passport Do ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months from the date of travel Don't forget to apply for the necessary visas and permits before traveling.
    Do keep a copy of your passport, visa, and other important documents with you at all times. Don't misplace your passport or visa documents.
    Do inform your embassy or consulate about your travel plans and contact details.
    B. Travel Instructions for Transportation Do book your tickets in advance and confirm your travel itinerary. Don't travel alone, especially at night.
    Do carry enough local currency and keep it safe. Don't forget to carry your student ID card, if available.
    Do be aware of the local transportation options and travel safely Don't forget to take insurance and health coverage prior to arrival
    C. Food Instructions for Dietary Needs and Safety Do try local cuisine but choose clean and hygienic places to eat. Don't eat street food or food from unclean or unhygienic places.
    Do inform the camp organizers about your dietary needs or restrictions, if any. Don't forget to carry snacks and other food items in case of emergency.
    Do drink bottled water and avoid tap water or ice in drinks.
    D. Social Norms for Behavior and Attire Do dress modestly and appropriately, especially when visiting religious places. Don't indulge in drugs, as they are illegal in India.
    Do respect the local culture, customs, and traditions. Don't engage in public displays of affection or other inappropriate behavior.
    Do greet locals with a smile and be polite and courteous. Don't forget to seek permission before taking photographs of locals or their property.

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