Discover the captivating journey of self-discovery: To be or not to be… Step inside your truest self

Introduction: Design Culture Learning Series, where creativity and innovation are celebrated. In this exciting series, Mr. Benoy Thoomkpunkal, Director International, Arch College of Design & Business, emphasizes the importance of embracing new experiences, taking risks, and venturing into uncharted territories. He also explained how to challenge your limits, ignite your creativity, and find the courage […]

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Design Culture Dialogue Series: Design Culture and The Future of Design Thinking

Design Culture Dialogue series

Progress in any sector is largely dependent on the type of education, the thinking, the desire to bring about change, and ultimately the actions. For a product to be effective, efficient, fun and easy to use design thinking is of core importance. Strategic design thinking allows us to unfold the complexities of ambiguous and challenging […]

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