Our cognitive faculties respond to imagery and its underlying message more swiftly than they do to audios. Visual communication is often about reconciling personal aesthetic ambitions with broader social, cultural and commercial considerations.

Graphic Design seeks to attract eyes, inspire minds, create desires and motivate people to respond to messages, impact, build a brand, move, sell, and embrace humanity. It is the process to provide visual solutions to communication problems.

ARCH’s mission behind offering this course is to provide Torchbearers for the Graphic and Design Communication landscape in the country.


Growing recognition over the past decade, driven by the success of an array of creative industries, creative enterprises, artists and businesses, has brought fresh attention to and laid solid foundations for the economics of the applied and visual arts industry.

Communication design is making a shift from Print to screen in a significant manner. Digital designers have a vast source of income to be made in NFTs and Blockchain, where digital assets are being sold for massive amounts. Digital marketing is another huge market for creative designers to be involved in Explainer videos, YouTube videos, visual assets, motion design, animation and telling stories. In the video game industry, competitive gaming is making endless opportunities for Graphic Designers. AR, VR and Mixed reality are fast-growing areas for digital designers in many areas of the industry.

Digital categories in Graphic design are predicted to rise to 25%. According to the annual report created by one of India's leading art market watchers, 2020-21 has been the strongest (roughly tabulated since 1987 when the first Indian art auction was conducted). The numbers for FY 2019-20 were around Rs 560 crore; hence the pandemic year sales recorded a jump of almost 57 per cent.


  • Employment of graphic designers in the computer systems design field and related areas will increase by 20% from 2016 t0 2026.
  • Statistics have revealed that this creative art is increasingly becoming an indispensable factor in the success of today's businesses. Graphic Design making a significant shift from print to screen with NFTs and Blockchain providing a colossal space for digital artists.
  • According to IBIS World, 2020 the global graphic designers' market size in 2021 is $45.8 billion.
  • 2.2% Global graphic designers' market size shall grow by 2.2% on an average in 2021.
  • The specialised design service (19.12%) has the highest level of employment in the graphic design industry.
  • Freelance graphic designers account for approximately 90% of the total industry participation. Owing to the growing graphic design market size, there were 281,500 graphic designer jobs in the U.S. in 2019.
  • Delhi has the maximum number of firms offering graphic design services, followed by Bangalore and Pune.



Industry Speak


"You see traditional Indian graphic illustration with the flavor of modern techniques."


Art Designer - UK at Vastra 2017


"The students of ARCH are diligent and have great Design acumen. They are quick learners and adaptable to change."


Founder UI & UX - Design Raasta

Alumni Speak


"International Exposure gave a fresh breath to my design sensibilities."

VIDDHI GUPTA - 2014-2016

Project Manager - Gravita E- com

vipin sharma

"Interdisciplinary Design education at ARCH has helped me in becoming a better designer through live projects like the UKIERI Scotland-India Project and Backstitch Design magazine."

VIPIN SHARMA -2014-2016

Head Design, UX / UI - Fitso, Delhi

Graphic Design course

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With the rise in visually centered digital media, Graphic Design has become a requirement in almost every domain.

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Degree courses in digital design-

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