Industry Overview

The Indian visual and applied arts market was estimated at around INR14.6 billion in 2017. Growing recognition of the applied arts over the past decade, driven by the success of an array of the creative industries, creative enterprise, artists and businesses has brought fresh attention to, and laid strong foundations for the economics of the applied and visual arts industry and its future development.

While the industry has grown over the last few years, it holds an even greater potential in terms of its impact on the Indian economy, through its direct contributions to employment, skills development as well as supporting a number of high-value ancillary industries. Applied and visual arts are also critical for enhancing key high-value industries such as cultural tourism, and improving India's cultural attractiveness and distinguishing its cultural identity. Thanks to a global understanding of applied arts, the industry thrives well in the export arena and designers who are articulate and aware of world tastes and trends are in great demand to understand the buyer and their needs and be able to deliver appropriate design concepts and solutions.

Sectoral Highlights

  • Graphic design is the process of visual communication which combines words, images and ideas to present the information to the audience. A graphic designer is a specialist in solving the problems associated with visual communication.
  • The potential of graphic design covers areas ranging from social communication to corporate communication and branding.
  • Some of the multi-dimensional aspects of graphic design cover typography and type design, photography, illustration, graphic interface design, packaging, print design, corporate identity, branding and information and communication systems like signage.
  • Communication across industries is changing rapidly. Creating a personal and visual vocabulary through form, proportion, image and word has become an integral part of communication.
  • According to our survey, Delhi leads in terms of having maximum number of firms offering graphic design services followed by Bangalore and Pune.
  • From our survey, out of the total number of designers working in the country, this discipline accounts for 1.72%.



Industry Speak

"You see traditional Indian graphic illustration with the flavor of modern techniques."


Art Designer - UK at Vastra 2017

"The students of ARCH are diligent and have great Design acumen. They are quick learners and adaptable to change."


Founder UI & UX - Design Raasta

Alumni Speak

"International Exposure gave a fresh breath to my design sensibilities."

VIDDHI GUPTA - 2014-2016

Project Manager - Gravita E- com

"Interdisciplinary Design education at ARCH has helped me in becoming a better designer through live projects like the UKIERI Scotland-India Project and Backstitch Design magazine."

VIPIN SHARMA -2014-2016

Head Design, UX / UI - Fitso, Delhi

4 reasons why a dedicated Graphic Design course

gives an incredible head start to your career :

With the rise in visually centered digital media, Graphic Design has become a requirement in almost every domain.

Degree courses in digital design-

Combining technology with creativity

Careers in the main designing field have been getting popular for the last few years, mainly in the digital space.