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ARCH has been a front-runner in being involved with projects aiming towards a more harmonious community. ARCH hosts and organizes events and talks which pose the right questions and point to path-breaking answers regarding the development and evolution of indigenous communities

Exhibition On Wildlife Protection

A conference ‘India for Animals’ (IFA), celebrating the Animal Protection Movement in India was organised in Jaipur, by the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations -FIAPO. ARCH in association with FIAPO held an Inter-School Photography & Clothing Design competition to create animal welfare awareness & later exhibited the contest winning entries at the conference.

RUDA- (Rural Non-Farm Development Agency, Govt. Of India)

Taal Chappar is a forest area of Churu district in Rajasthan wherein ARCH executed a project with sponsorship from RUDA. More than 150 women artisans were a part of the course. The course emphasised on: Research and development of eco-friendly products-final products developed included necklaces, earrings, bangles, bottle holders, fishnets, decorative boxes, door knobs and wall hangings. Promotion of rural enterprises, by providing sustainable livelihood to women through the formation of self-help groups.


CHR-CHA - Towards A Rajasthan Design Policy and building meaningful connections with like-minded people from the community. The need for a platform where creative minds from the city could share and discuss ideas, exchange feedback, debate and pose questions for the design fraternity to think and ponder upon, led to the genesis of Chr-cha. The initiative has attracted participation from diverse backgrounds- Design Professionals, Industrialists, Academicians, Entrepreneurs, Development Professionals, Art & Craft Practitioners, Researchers, Non-Govt. Organizations, Associations, Institutions, Policy Makers, etc. Previous editions of Chr-cha included a discussion focused on the theme of “Does Rajasthan Need a Design Policy?”

Conceptualised and organised by ARCH, CHR-CHA is a forum to bring together people from the Creative & Cultural Industries and related fields for interdisciplinary discussions, pivotal to Design & creation in all fields, over a cup of tea. The forum enables individuals to examine challenges in their sectors & share their experiences, ideas, opinions, and policy advocacy towards collaborative efforts.

Predays India - CUMULUS IXDA

ARCH College of Design and Business under the umbrella of World Design Declaration by CUMULUS and IxDA hosted Practitioners, Researchers and Educators (P-R-E-) Days to encourage focused conversations on identifying critical elements that further capacity building for designers, at different stages of their careers, from studies to professional practice to lifelong learning. PRE Days aims to create diversified and constructed spaces for conversations building on the synergy of education and research expertise.

The much anticipated Workshop was conducted by the accomplished Speakers Ms. Eija Salmi and Ms. Archana Surana.

Jaipur Design Declaration

Eija Salmi, Secretary General of Cumulus International Association of Universities and Colleges in Art, Design and Media was in ARCH Campus in January 2020 and during her visit we declared “Jaipur Design Declaration” part of the World Design Declaration.

The Declaration recognises the need for strategic leadership on design matters at local, regional, national and international levels and the need for governance models, political agendas and policy to take design into account. It acknowledges the fundamental and critical role of design to create a world that is environmentally sustainable, economically viable, socially equitable, and culturally diverse. Reference Link: http://www.designdeclaration.org/

Jaipur Fashion Manifesto on Responsible Fashion

The culmination of Fashion Colloquia’ 2020 resulted in Jaipur Fashion Manifesto, participants from 15 nations across 4 continents who met at ARCH College discussed and addressed policies, education and research in fashion, sustainability and artisan within a global perspective & issued a manifesto to promote Responsible Fashion, that means a fashion sector and industry that takes responsibility for the planet and people.

Design Communication Portal

Design Communication is a learning & resource portal, developed with a goal to develop a keen understanding and mastery of Design Communication principles, theories, and skills. It covers the projects done by ARCH students. www.designcommunication.org

Women Mentors Forum

The Women Mentors Forum (WMF) was founded by Ms. Surana to provide mentorship, guidance and support to a network women professionals and entrepreneurs. The forum is driven by inclusive growth where Ms. Surana and its members leverage their experience and networks to help women co-create success in their professional and personal lives. Conversations during its weekly activities and meets center not only around their professional goals but also their lives outside their workplaces.

The Forum aims to create leaders not only at work but also at home – women who can generate value and find economic independence even while being full-time homemakers and mothers. At the Women Mentors Forum, economic empowerment for women and paying it forward are the primary guiding principles. It is with much pride that today the Forum can boast of having 200-odd mentors which have changed the lives of more than 700 women for the better and continue to touch more and more lives every day.