ARCH KEY Alliance

ARCH College has always strived to provide the best learning experience to their learners through varied courses and modules. For the purpose of providing world-class education experience, ARCH has tied-up with numerous international universities for summer programs, progressions and exchange programs.

In addition to this, ARCH is the first institution in Rajasthan to offer a Bachelor in Design, affiliated with the University of Rajasthan. While Jewellery Design is a popular course, ARCH is one of the few premier colleges to offer a four-year Bachelor of Design in Jewellery Design.

Along with the courses from the Indian Universities, ARCH, in strategic partnership with Pearson, is accredited to deliver Four BTEC Level 5 HND qualifications in Art and Design. After the successful completion of two-year tenure at ARCH, the student may move to the final year of Graduation abroad and they may also additionally opt for an integrated Masters degree, adding one more year to their three-year tenure

The Institution offers a Masters level course from Rajasthan ILD Skills University – M.Voc in Design Entrepreneurship. This course focuses on the evolution of design thinking and entrepreneurial spirit of the learner while focusing on developing skills and competencies required for the industry

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Former Director, National Institute of Design (NID)

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Celebrity Jewelry Blogger and Journalist, London (UK)

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Director, Spread Design & Architempo Past President –IxDA