Industry Testimonials

Industry Testimonials

Shreya Guha

It is heartening to see ARCH doing its bit to ensure that Indian handlooms and traditions are doing well in this competitive global sector by imparting knowledge of these crafts to their students and encouraging them towards a sustainable design style.

Shreya Guha,
Principal Secretary Tourism, Arts & Culture, Government of Rajasthan

Sanjoy Roy

The remarkable skills that the students of ARCH showcased was brilliant and echoed the confidence and passion of Ms. Archana Surana who has built this institution from ground up and has been a imparting world-class design education since 20 years

Sanjoy Roy,
Managing Director, Teamworks India

Mahavir Sharma

The students at ARCH showed great skill and attitude, they interact and project ideas that are innovative and out-of-the-box.

Mahavir Sharma,
Chairman, TiE Global Board of Trustees, TiE India Angels and RAIN (Rajasthan Angels)

Ritu Kumar

I was extremely pleased to see the work of ARCH students during the Rajasthan Heritage Week. Institutions like ARCH have helped in strengthening the efforts towards craft revival and raising awareness about India’s handloom sector.

Ritu Kumar,
Renowned Fashion Designer

Bibi Russell

I believe that the biggest investment anyone can make is in knowledge, hence finding the right mentors to guide you, puts you in the right direction in your career path and this is where ARCH precisely comes in the picture.

Bibi Russell,
International Fashion Designer

Sanjay Garg

It is great to see a contemporary institute of Design promoting, khadi and traditional textiles. ARCH has been showcasing innovative products to the rest of the world using the traditional handlooms. It is a privilege to partner with ARCH for Fashion Colloquia.

Sanjay Garg,
Founder, Raw Mango

Uma Prajapati

I was pleased to see the work of ARCH college and their students during the Fashion Colloquia 2020. Institutions like ARCH play a very important role in strengthening the efforts towards promoting a design oriented society which works towards training and enabling students to bloom into design professionals.

Uma Prajapati, Fashion Designer,
Activist, Entrepreneur, and Founder & Creative Director of Upasana

Nihal Chand Goel

I would take this opportunity to say that the quality of service offered by Arch Academy of Design under ‘Jaipur Metro Uniform Design’ project has been highly impressive. Congratulations to Arch for successfully completing the designing of Jaipur Metro Staff Uniform in a true professional sense.

Nihal Chand Goel,
CMD, Jaipur Metro

Anita Dongre

I am delighted to acknowledge Arch as one of the premier design institutions of the country. The creative, stimulating, innovative learning environment has made the institution an important destination for learning design

Anita Dongre,
Fashion Designer Label AND

Arjun Kumar

We were pleasantly surprised by ideas and work of the students at Arch on our project. It helped us filter a variety of possibilities to make our decisions easy.

Arjun Kumar, Managing Director,
1589 core & Director Hotel Clarks Amer


Visiting ARCH’s Jaipur campus, I got a glimpse into the amount of efforts put in to impart the fundamental techniques and processes to jewellery designing students. It’s truly commendable to see exceptional quality of education, available in our country.

Kana Lomror,
an internationally renowned enamelling artist

Sanjay Kothari

It is great to see the college growing rapidly, with its Delhi –NCR campus beginning operations this year. It is imparting education in Interior Design in a creative, stimulating and innovative learning environment.

Sanjay Kothari,
Architect Former Chairperson IIID, Jaipur

Giorgio Galleani

It’s was a delight to share my presentation on Triennale Design Museum, and thoughts and ideas with the students of ARCH, who are undergoing world class education right here in the heritage city of Jaipur.

Giorgio Galleani,
Italian Architect, Triennale Design Museum

Sonalika Sahay

I have visited the ARCH campus and interacted with their students on various occasions, each time I have noticed that the students are curious to learn more about design philosophies and love to share their innovative ideas and come up with products that are different and have a thought behind their development.

Sonalika Sahay,
Fashion Model & Founder- Stylearrest

Pirjo Seddiki

I was at ARCH College for a paper presentation during Fashion Colloquia 2020, but I was impressed seeing the campus and the facilities they have. The students were very interested in learning more about design and it was great to hear thoughts and ideas of the students, who are undergoing world class education at ARCH.

Pirjo Seddiki,
Principal Lecturer, University of Applied Sciences/ Design, Finland

Dinesh Verma

The students of ARCH College are very hard working and have a keen sense of curiosity. They have an understanding of how a space is constructed, how the different spaces are dealt with. For someone who is still learning they pay great attention to detail.

Dinesh Verma,
Principal Architect & Managing Director, Ace Group Architects Pvt. Ltd.

Yiani Melas CEO

ARCH is doing its bit to ensure that Indian jewellery designers are doing well in this competitive global sector by providing the right set of tools, guidance and curriculum.

Yiani Melas CEO,

Bibi Russell

I find ARCH students very promising and enterprising. The international course curriculum at the institution empowers individuals to make a mark in world fashion

Bibi Russell,
International Fashion Designer

Sanjay Kothari

The ARCH students who interned with me are creative and have been very good resource persons for my Design firm.

Sanjay Kothari,
Principal Architect, Kaleido

Ar, Anshuman Sharma

Industry needs sincere and hardworking youth. Along with appreciable skills, ARCH seems to instill these attributes, very successfully in their students.

Ar, Anshuman Sharma,
Principal Designer, The Design Inc., Jaipur

Rajeev Arora

I think that the alumni of Arch are a wealth to the Gems and Jewellery industry. They have performed excellently and have made a niche for themselves

Rajeev Arora,
Co-Founder of International Brand

Vikas Haritwal

ARCH provides a splendid platform to connect the students to the trade stalwarts so that they tune up their creativity. The Jewellery Design Students are very successful performers in the market.

Vikas Haritwal,
Director, Symetree

Vipin Sharma

I am proud to say that Arch has evolved into a full-fledged institute known not only in Jaipur but in many parts of the country and the world. The way it has been contributing to the industry is enormous.

Vipin Sharma,
CEO, Access Development Services

Ayush Kasliwal AKFD

There is a huge need for trained Lifestyle Accessory Designers willing to work with the rich and varied heritage crafts of our country.

Ayush Kasliwal AKFD,
Furniture & Product Designer

Sedar Gorelli

You see traditional Indian graphic illustration with the flavour of modern techniques.

Sedar Gorelli,
Art Designer - UK at Vastra 2017

Neha Behl

The students of ARCH are diligent and have great Design acumen. They are quick learners and adaptable to change.

Neha Behl,
Founder UI & UX - Design Raasta

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