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Product Design courses at ARCH broadly focuses on Crafts, Accessories, Furniture etc. In the Indian Product Industry there is a fine balance between the application of mechanization and hand based skills, the latter giving each produced artefact uniqueness. The industry now thrives in the export arena and Designers who are articulate and aware of world tastes and trends are in great demand to understand the buyer & his needs and be able to deliver appropriate Design Concepts & Solutions.

Craft & Accessories is a Product Industry which distinguishes India & Designers on World Interiors & Fashion map. It in turn generates employment for several thousands of workers. The products that they make have an endless variety of uses. The Product Designers role is not only designing, but developing a strategy for developing the economy with new ranges of utility handmade & machine made products suitable for contemporary lifestyles.

The course intends to develop core competence in the basic skills and understanding of the process and principles governing the design and manufacturing of craft-based products.

Further, the course is intended to promote the crafts of India as uniquely placed for innovative integration into contemporary design practice. This course also envisages inputs in relation to design collections and range development in craft products to support fashion and lifestyle trends. Formats for sustainability is important for the management of any process linked with design, and this understanding is shared in the form of theory and practice.

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  • University of Rajasthan

    University of Rajasthan

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    Pearson BTEC

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    Rajasthan ILD Skills University

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