Industry Overview

Product Design at ARCH ranges from crafts and accessories, to furniture. In the Indian product industry, there is a fine balance between the application of mechanisation and hand-crafted skills, the latter giving each produced artefact a unique quality and value. The industry now thrives in the export arena, and designers who are articulate and aware of world tastes and trends are in great demand to understand the buyer and their needs and hence must be able to deliver appropriate design concepts and solutions.

Craft and accessories is a product industry which generates significant employment; products have an endless variety of uses. The product designers’ role is not only designing but developing a strategy for developing the economy with new ranges of utility handmade and machine-made products suitable for contemporary lifestyles.

The course is intended to promote the crafts of India as uniquely placed for innovative integration into contemporary design practice. It also has a valuable input in relation to design collections and range development in craft products to support fashion and lifestyle trends.

Sectoral Highlights

  • Industrial Design (ID) is the professional service of creating and developing concepts and specifications that optimize the function, value and appearance of products and systems for the mutual benefit of both user and manufacturer.
  • The industrial design sector in India is approx. worth USD 40 million (not including outsourced engineering design services), is growing at 10 per cent annually and employs less than 5,000 people.
  • India’s share of the global industrial design pie is still less than a per cent.
  • From our survey, there are around 82 firms providing industrial design services in the country.
  • According to our survey Bangalore leads in terms of having maximum number of studios providing industrial design services, automotive and retail services followed by Pune and Mumbai.
  • From our survey out of the total number of designers working in the country, this discipline accounts for 2.17% (including automotive and retail design).
  • As a career, industrial design is becoming a promising new professional career option for people with a flair for innovation of products and product systems. A number of technical institutions have commenced design programs in industrial design to train new generations of aspiring students interested in specializing in industrial design/ product design.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

in conversation with : Himanshu Wardhan

Managing Director, Etsy (India)

Emotional Design

in conversation with : Isadora Mayumi W. Nicacio

Product Designer, Jaipur