Foundation Studies In Art & Design

A common programme for all 4-year undergraduates courses, the Foundation Studies In Art & Design Programme lays emphasis on the introductory, conceptual and practical skills required for the communication of ideas, and helps in the development of knowledge and understanding of design as a process. The course aims to develop within students the aesthetics, social sense and sensibilities that go beyond learning the skills and techniques of a discipline and aspires to instil in them an awareness and belief in the potential of art and design to support, critique and significantly contribute to different aspects of human endeavour. The outcome provides students with a sound platform to embark on a journey in the field of art and design. The successful completion of the Foundation Course leads to the award of the Design Foundation Certificate, which is an independent and additional qualification.


1 Year


  • Elements of Design
  • Visualisation and Representation
  • Techniques (Nature Drawing / Human Figure Drawing, Object Drawing, Geometry, Perspective Drawing, Isometric Drawing,
  • Orthographic Drawing)
  • Analysis of Structures and Experiments in 3D Geometry
  • Photography & other Mark making Techniques.
  • Material Studies
  • Visual Communication in Art & Design
  • Ideas Generation and Development
  • Contextual and Cultural Referencing
  • Design Method
  • Design Principles.
  • Business Management
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Communication Skills.
Design Education in the New Normal

Design Education in the New Normal

in conversation with : Prof. Pradyumna Vyas

Former Director, National Institute of Design (NID)

Hidden Inner Mask

Hidden Inner Mask

A Classroom Project with: Maira Gouveia