Interior Design in contemporary times reflects the impressive progress made in the field of energised spatial solutions generated to satisfy perception and psychology. ARCH’s course aims to develop learners’ skills and understanding needed to visualise, create, modify and craft preferred environs, for specific purposes and to high professional standards. Students, in addition to getting the requisite technical knowledge and skills to realise visualised intent will develop a high level of competence in controlling the creative process from inception to design realisation and communication.

Industry Overview

India's flourishing infrastructure, housing and retail industry has emerged as one of the most dynamic and fast-paced industrial sectors, with several big players entering the market. In India, the vast middle class, their rising income and almost untapped retail industry are the fundamental forces of attraction for global retail giants to enter new markets. This attraction has stimulated the growth of the retail industry and is growing at a faster rate.

The Indian construction industry, which accounts for approximately 11% of the GDP, has an estimated US $500 billion investment and is growing at around 34 % annually. The Indian retail industry is the ?fth-largest globally, contributes about 22% of the GDP, and generates 8% of employment in the country today. It is expected to grow 25 per cent annually, to be worth US$ 200- 250 billion by 2025.

Heritage properties and other hospitality properties have also begun demanding a signi?cant number of inputs to support the vision of the Incredible India Campaign. Thus increasing the demand for Interior space visualises and designers to plan and create attractive, practical and desirable spaces for living, display and commercial activity.


  • According to Invest India, the construction industry in India grew by 5.6% from 2016 to 2020, compared to 2.9% from 2011to 2015. Moreover, Indian real estate attracted $5 billion in institutional investments in 2020.
  • By 2025, the country's construction market is expected to emerge as the third-largest globally. Essentially, policies of the central government, in collaboration with the government of respective states to promote real estate in India, are propelling the demand for interior design services.
  • The Indian interior design market generated $22,939.7 million in revenue in 2020, and it is expected to showcase considerable growth during the forecast period (2021–2030).
  • South India dominated the market in 2020, and it is expected to lead the market in the coming years too.
  • Jobs in the interior construction industry are expected to increase globally by at least 13% over the next decade.
  • Keeping in mind the demand & separate needs from architecture courses, various Institutions have announced specialised courses in Interior design as B.Arch (Interior design).



Industry Speak

anshuman sharma1

"Industry needs sincere and hardworking youth. Along with appreciable skills, ARCH seems to instill these attributes, very successfully in their students."

Ar. Anshuman Sharma,

Principal Designer, The Design Inc, Jaipur

sanjay kothari

"The ARCH students who interned with me are creative and have been very good resource persons for my Design firm. "

Sanjay Kothari,

Principal Architect, Kaleido, Past President

Alumni Speak

anupama rana

"ARCH has provided me the platform to transform my dreams and goals into reality."

Anupama Rana

2002 -2004 Batch, Owner

ashish mangwani

"ARCH continues to ensure that every student develops the creative thought processes, skills and attitudes which have proven invaluable in our career in the world"

Ashish Mangwani

2010 -2013 Batch, Founder, Studio Ashish Mangwani

Student Work & Recognition

Diamond Winner

Diamond Winner
FOAID (Festival of Architecture & Interior Design)

is an annual festival of creative minds to meet and discuss the new facets of the design fraternity. Theme for FOAID 2018 : Time to Reimagine.

8 colleges were selected to install their concept at the FOAID event at DELHI. Delhi being one of the two zones. The other zone is MUMBAI. On 21st & 22nd September the event was organised.

A jury of 5 eminent members from the field were asked to judge the concepts. There were 3 winners- silver winner - gold winner - diamond winner. Diamond winner to further go on to Mumbai to display and a Platinum winner would be chosen as the winner of EXPRESSIONS competition.

Arch College of Design & Business was awarded Diamond winner.

gaurav work

Gaurav Sharma

Created an innovative staircase that won the 1st prize in Ideation at the Inter Collegiate Competition of IIID

aradhana work

Aradhana Sharma

won the ‘Inside Outside Design Award’ for a creative chair inspired from the betel leaf.

Deepika Kumawat

Deepika Kumawat

won the ‘Society Interiors Design Award’ for Tea-set holder inspired by Cycle

indiai interior designers

Biophilic Interiors For The Modern World

with the Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID)

Biophilic design is not just a word that signifies the true essence of being a nature lover

Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising

3-day Workshop with: Anuraag Singhal

Author of "Visual Merchandising in India" and Former Creative Lead at Madhura Fashions