M.Voc Interior Design & Entrepreneurship

Course Intent

The two years Degree in interior design is a highly challenging program that allows students reach high professional levels. During this period, students will understand fundamental concepts of interior design and related business skills. The course will delve into aspects and processes of interior design and integrate it with complete understanding and confidence in the operations of an interior design practice along with entrepreneurial skill and management understanding.

The course allows students to become competent professionals that can start immediately to contribute professionally in employment or as freelancers. The course covers most essential aspects of the field and allows students to acquire full knowledge of modern tools.

Be a Design Thinker

Course Content

The programme is unique in the way it examines fundamental understanding of Interior Design profession with entrepreneurial thought process. Entrepreneurial skills in context to critical thinking towards environment and human resources are acquired along with exploring functionality and mobility of the spatial design environment.

The learner understands providing innovative design solutions which are user experience centric, enhancing and bettering human living conditions in the built environment. It combines technological knowledge, human factors, understanding about the environment and visual communication. The programme encourages learners to participate in an interior design entrepreneurial setup; apply knowledge and practical understanding of materials, resources, agencies, Industry development through interior design.

This program focuses more on practical aspects of learning and proper implementation of acquired set of skills. Entrepreneurial skills are inculcated in students and students will be supervised by college and government if they initiate their own enterprise or business.

Course Content

Year 1

Interior Design And Entrepreneurship

First year includes ARCH curriculum which supports students in gaining fundamental knowledge and skills in design.

Design Research Methodology, Advanced Entrepreneurship, Interior Design Process, Interior Material and construction, Project Management, Trends Research, Analysis and Forecasting, Professional Practice in Project Execution.

Year 2

Advanced Interior Design And Entrepreneurship

Second year includes ARCH curriculum which advances students’ knowledge and skills in design.

Technology Innovation in Design, Accelerator programme and Fashion Allied Workshops, Industry Design Project and Documentation, Technology Innovation in Design, Accelerator Program and Allied Workshop, Industry Internship, Incubation Interior Design development, Dissertation and Portfolio.

No. of Seats 30
Eligibility Graduation in any stream
Duration 2 year

Master Of Vocational Degree (M.VOC) in Design & Entrepreneurship (Interior Design) from RISU

ARCH Certification


  • Rajasthan ILD Skills University

Career Opportunities

  • To work as a consultant to architects/ end users
  • To work as a furniture designer/ light designer/ home furnishing designer/ lifestyle accessory designer
  • To be able to take up turnkey interior design projects
  • Ability to design interiors of residential andcommercial spaces
  • Independent interior designer/ interior design professional
  • Become an exhibition and set design consultant

Book Counselling

Learning Outcome

  • Ability to understand the design industry in context with basic client requirements
  • Demonstrated ability for dealing with design execution issues and providing solutions to such
  • Identify, research, analyse, conclude, innovate and apply design solutions
  • Ability to adapt and progress to transforming technologies and work methods
  • Understand the context; to consider professional ethics in relation to personal, professional and statutory responsibilities.
  • Accord value to sensitive and creative thinking in the creative enterprise
  • Exhibit self-empowerment through understanding of art and design process inlocal, regional and global context

Business Incubation

Business Incubation: The course culminates with inputs on entrepreneurship and developing a Business Plan for individual enterprise. Selected business plans will be provided an opportunity of incubation with ARCH Business Incubation, where the project will be guided by faculty and mentored by industry expert.