B Des Interior Design

Course Intent

The Bachelor of Design (B.Des) in Interior Design is accredited by the University of Rajasthan. The curriculum is industry aligned and developed keeping in mind the relationship between academic study and the contemporary practice of interior design.

It focuses on holistic development while enhancing practical skills so the students can create imaginative spaces that meet the needs and enrich the experience of modern life. The learning will also build technical knowledge to help them practice professionally. There will be planned Industry engagements which will involve study trips, short internship, participation in international design competitions, and benefits from links with design studios, cultural institutions, entrepreneurs, industry professionals and community groups.

No. of Seats 25
Eligibility 10+2 (any stream)
Duration 4 year
Award Bachelor of Design (B.Des) from University of Rajasthan


  • University of Rajasthan

Be a Design Thinker

Learning Outcome

  • Articulate understanding of the interior design process and practice in Indian context and effects of cultural & global influences on contemporary interiors.
  • Research, explore and integrate into the process of design by working on projects, initially working with designers in the industry and develop to take on professional task responsibilities.
  • Conceptualize and communicate design ideas through working drawings and technical specifications.
  • Exhibit skills of visualization, design and documentation, model making and construction techniques.
  • Identify material resources & vendors for relevant functional applications execution.
  • Students learn technical skills, new technology, working documents of interior design.
  • Understand and apply market trends, client needs, identify project potentials, and create human responsive spaces and ability to ensure project execution.
  • Establish industry connections through classroom projects, seminars and internship.

Course Content

Year 1

Foundation explores the aesthetics of design In the Foundation year students will learn two languages namely Hindi & English, Environmental Study and Elementary Computer Education. They will be introduced to and begin to understand basics of 3D visualization, Composition, Applied Art, drawing and drafting which are integrated seamlessly for learning and design development.

Year 2

Introduces the principles of interior design Students will be introduced to Exploration of design elements and principles imparting an understanding of light, colour, materials, space and volume. Simple systems will be understood through study of 3D exercises and lighting systems. Industry exposure is given through knowledge on current projects, modern technology and classroom projects based on the professional brief.

Year 3

Focuses on the Processes of interior design The year 3 comprises of a series of projects increasing in complexity and range from the design of temporary events to complex technical interiors. Inter-disciplinary and integrated learning with art, literature, film photography, fashion etc. begin to shape students' personal attitude towards interior design as they begin to discern choices in addition to variety of contexts - political, social, environmental, cultural, and economic. Complex design exercises like healthcare facilities, auditoriums are part of the studio. Furniture design and prototyping. Environmental studies and sustainable solutions.

Year 4

Focuses on the Practice of interior design In the final project they are encouraged to apply research and take real projects constraints to create innovative solutions. They are also exposed to important aspects of Interior business like Entrepreneurship, Branding and retail and Professional Practice.

Career Opportunities

  • Designer at Interior Design firms and Design studios
  • Set designer
  • Furniture and Utility Product designer
  • Accessories and Furnishings Designer
  • Residential and Commercial Space Designer
  • Landscape designing and detailing
  • Independent Practice

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