BA Interior Design

International Degree Program (2+1)

Course Intent

The 2+1 yrs Interior Design course is a unique offer to study a BA International degree qualification in 3 yrs. The course is delivered over 2 parts, where the 2 years of BTEC HND in Interior Design, a qualification awarded by Pearson, UK's largest globally recognized education group, will be undertaken at ARCH in India. The learner progresses to a top-up degree at a partner University in UK for the 3rd year, the Degree phase.

The curriculum of BTEC HND at level 4 & 5 consist of Foundation in Design units and interior design specific units, each with a clear purpose and content aligned with the needs of the professional industry. The project based curriculum engages students in practical, interpersonal and thinking skills, providing a professional environment for learning.

No. of Seats 20
Eligibility 12th (any stream)
Duration 2+1 Year

BTEC HND level 5(Pearson)after 2nd year at ARCH

BA degree awarded by UK University on Progression on 3rd year of study abroad.


Progression & Exchanges

Be a Design Thinker

Course Content

The course imparts knowledge and skills for a holistic understanding and training, encouraging innovation and originality throughout the course.

Year 1 BTEC HND Level 4 (India)

The first year is structured around exploration and analysis of the elements and principles of Interior design, contextual studies, understanding color, lighting, texture and pattern and its application. Design Techniques & Processes as part of the residential design studio begins to set the base for further learning. While Drawing and drafting, Computer Aided Design are integrated into the curriculum, Professional Development is initiated by discussing and interacting with professionals in the industry.

Year 2 BTEC HND Level 5 (India)

The synthesis of design facilitates a significant learning of professional design studio where learners gain knowledge, understanding and the skill set that will increase their career opportunities. They gain knowledge on Creative Entrepreneurship in order to establish their independent creative venture. Learners are introduced to the principles of Interior Styling along with understanding of process and execution where team work is encouraged, to identify appropriate information and analyse it to formulate clear solutions.

Year 3 Level 6 (Degree Abroad)

In year 3, learners progress to Top-up Degree in Interior Design at a choice of Universities in UK which also award Pearson BTEC HND Level 4 & 5. Emphasis is placed on developing students' own design philosophy along with professional and future career aspirations under the guidance of international specialists and expert faculty. ARCH will facilitate progression to Degree with required processes and the Portfolio for evaluation by the University.

UK Universities for Progression to Top-up Degree

  • University of Northampton

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