41st India – Interior Design Day

IIID and Arch Academy together celebrated 41st India Interior Design Day on 21st December 2013. Interior Design Students from various institutes, colleges and universities participated in the day long India Interior Design Day Celebration. Design Day observed Design Exhibition, panel discussion, interaction with the experts, street play and movie showcasing.

Architects, Interior Designers and Interior design Vendors shared their expertise and familiarized students with the current trends in the market. Panelists discussed projects they had worked on and motivated students 22nd December in India every year is celebrated as India interior Design Day. This year Jaipur celebrated its India Interior Design Day with Jaipur Regional Chapter apex body organized by Institute of Indian Interior Designers and Arch Academy of Design on 21st December 2013. Institute of Indian Interior Designers was headed by its Chairperson Sanjay Kothari & Secretary Anshuman Sharma and Arch Academy of Design was represented by its Founder Director Ms Archana Surana. It was a day long event where students from different architecture institutes participated and showcased their work. The event also had sessions by Eminent Interior designers and different people associated with interior design and the architecture industry. Students from various colleges like Arch Academy of Design, IICD, Khaitan Polytechnique, Poornima University, Amity University were among the major participants of the event. The event had Practical technical sessions by senior architects from the country like Sanjay Kothari, Rajendra Puri etc.

Major attractions of the India Interior Design Day were sessions on Electrical wiring and fittings, Bathroom Solutions, Plumbing & Sanitary products, Furnishings, Paints & Textures, stone trends etc. along with the product display by the vendors from the same field that provided students with an opportunity to gain knowledge of the market trends, requirements, challenges and their solutions. Addressing the students Dheeraj Jahamriya, MD ‘Stone Trends’ said that protecting the stone is as important as choosing your favorite stone. He shared general problems and solutions of the stones used for residential purpose. Further adding to this he said, ‘soil accumulation, bleaching, rusting, oil stains etc. Are the common residential stone problems that persists’. Acknowledging recently available technology He suggested few possible solutions like Flurochemical treatment & Sealing methodology for water absorption problem.

The event proceeded with a street play “Dastak” by the Asmita Theatre Group. This was directed by an Actor, trainer, social activist, street theatre worker and great story teller, Mr. Arvind Gaur. The play helped increase the awareness of the audience about atrocities against women. Interesting fact about the play group was that it has been a part of Bollywood Movie ‘Ranjhana’. After a short break, the event resumed with panel discussion with panelists Mr. Bains (Rtd. DGP), Mr. Neeraj Kedia, Ms Manjari Mahajani, Ms Archana Surana, Ms Sheetal Bharti, Dr. Setia, Mr Manoj Gupta, Mr Bobby Vijaykar, Ms Ritu Khandelwal with Dhruv Gupta as moderator. optimising the opportunity, students raised their queries in context to the growing industry, its demand and challenges faced by a beginner to which panelists responded and shared their experience on perception, aesthetics & other technical aspects.

Moderator Mr. Dhruv Gupta spoke about ergonomics to explain that the design of a building must suit the belief and tradition of the place. Here, he took an example of how a Christian Bride wears a white dress at her wedding whereas wearing a white saari depicts sorrow in Hinduism. Panelist Ms Archana Surana, Founder & Director, Arch Academy spoke about the differences between Jaipur and Lucknow Gharana. Her opinions threw light on the Living Style & standards of Raja, Maharaja and Mughal era, about how people are now accepting new trends and are ready to shell out money for getting the perfect style. Adding a surprise element in the day long celebration, there were on-the-spot competitions for the design students on various topics e.g. innovative Kitchen Ideas.

The competition was judged by architect Rashmi Gupta who later guided the students on how to work towards betterment. Also, the projects displayed by students from various institutes and universities were critically analyzed and praised. The special session of the entire event was screening of the movie “I M Pei- First Person Singular” on a famous Chinese born American Architect who had worked his way to New York, Washington and Dallas. His famed architecture all around the world includes The Bank of China, The National Gallery of Art, The Pyramid outside the Louvre in Paris, The Miho Museum, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame etc. He is famously called ‘The Master of Modern Architecture’. The 41st India Interior Design Day was a great success among Design students as it was a great learning experience for them. They got an opportunity to meet & talk with leading architects of Jaipur to discuss their projects and get their expert views on it. They also Enhanced their knowledge about new materials and technology being used in town currently.

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