Be creative and design your own future

Have you always been drawn to graphics, illustrations, photographs and the visual side of things? Are you always intrigued to know about the workings of these designs, patterns, and concepts? Do you get fascinated by the intricate architecture and creativity that dots the city of Jaipur and other heritage-rich cities? If yes, then the profession in design and creative industry is made for you. But you still need to answer the most important question of all and that is, ‘do you have the aptitude to design your own future?’

Why students are drawn to the Designing field?
Designing can seem like an interesting field; since it deals with fashion, textiles, photography, 2D/3D design, as well as product and web designing. The workings that go into it are fascinating, so naturally, students with a creative mindset are drawn to these factors. But although studying designing is a rewarding experience, it is also immensely challenging.

Pursuing a career in Design
Going in for a career in designing has become a popular option to choose, which is why the area has become a competitive field. Studying at a university requires a certain set of skills, some of which you can acquire and some of which you need to inherently possess.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you like to experiment with colors and observe your surroundings?
  • Can you quickly decipher how a pattern, design or concept can be made better?
  • Do you have a strong urge to create something new?
  • Do you spend a majority of your time drawing or doodling?
  • Do you like to approach problems from a logical perspective?
  • When looking at geometric shapes, can you automatically create a pattern?

If yes, you may have the aptitude, which is the competence, to go in for a career in designing.

Taking a Design Aptitude Test
A   DAT (Design Aptitude Test) basically assesses your potential to perform a certain kind of task. Generally speaking, DATs assess:

Design Thinking:  Design thinking, which is a method that provides a solution-based approach to solving problems and is people-centered.

Visual ability: In terms of color, visual memory, discrimination and drawing skills.

Creative thinking: In terms of an ability to perceive a pattern and make creative combinations.

Comprehension skills: Understanding your surroundings and how you can perceive and share stories.

General knowledge: Discovers how an individual understands the world around.

Logical reasoning: Using rationality and probing soling behavior to tackle a situation.

If you score well in the Design Aptitude Test and are certain you want to pursue a career in this field, your next logical step is finding a college that offers you a quality education, skill development, and recognition.

Shortlisting a good and reputed design college

Finding the right Design college in Jaipur will help you hone your skills and deal with the competitive pressures of the industry if you want to make it big in this field. After all, even if you have the aptitude for it, giving your skills the training and nurturing they deserve is the key. ARCH College of Design and Business helps groom you to become a skilled, qualified, and resourceful professional in the field of designing. The institution cleverly combines technology and craft in a manner that transforms the face of future designing.

It offers a variety of courses in the field of product design, fashion design, jewelry design, graphic design and interior design. The faculty ensures that students possess an unbeatable blend of experience, information, and practice. At ARCH College of Design and Business, students are provided with the required resources and are encouraged to pursue their innovative ideas and business plans. This ensures you develop your own creative bent of mind to design your own future and soar in your chosen career.