Colour and Trim

This FIAT Italian Culture Week, “FIAT EMOZIONE ITALIANA”, is to create awareness about the reality of the automotive environment in Italy. The event took place in Pune, as Pune is considered to be the Automobile Capital city of India, like Turin for Italy.

Emanuele Nicosia
International Car Designer

The Italian Automobile Culture Week, Fiat Emozione Italiana, was the first contest event to involve Fashion Design Schools in the Automotive domain.

Arch Academy, among all the Indian Fashion Schools, was the one that reacted properly to this call.

The contest for Fashion Design Schools was concerning the Color & Trim for Fiat Linea in 2020, reproducing, in the project brief, the real involvement of Fashion professionals in any interior design projects at Car Brands’ Design Centers.

Trend forecasting is the base of the Color & Trim project to propose the range of colors, patterns, materials which will be trend in the year 2020 of the “car” launch in the market.

Fashion Schools had a brief of the project to make them start the approach and develop the Trend Research, Persona, Theme board to complete with the Interior Design’s Color & Trim proposals.

The completion of the project had to be done at Fiat Caffe’ in Pune during a two days workshop guided by Beestudio staff, Manchit Rajani, Rahul Shrinivasan, Rijul Garg, Mr. Emanuele Nicosia MD and Mizuho Tomita, Project Planning Director.

It was a very interesting live interaction during the project refinement which gave a deeper understanding of the meaning of Color & Trim to the Students.

Some of the works had a very good fabrics pattern studies which could match with the Fiat Linea personality.
The main Jury Member was Mr. Lorenzo Ramaciotti, the Head of Fiat Group Design, (encompassing Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati, Chrysler and Jeep), and Mr. Giolito, Head of Fiat Automobiles Centro Stile.

The other Jury Members were Mrs. Talera, Fashion Designer in Pune, Mrs. Mizuho Tomita, Beestudio’s Research and Planning Director and Emanuele Nicosia, Beestudio MD.

At the final Design Conclave Mrs. Talera gave the trophy and certificates to the winner and all participants which could have interaction with professionals attending the dinner party at the end of the night.

Some personalities present at the event were Mr.Boparai, CEO of Fiat India, Mr.Ian Cameron, former Rolls Royce design director, Mr.Ajay Sharma, General Manager Tata Automobiles Design, Mr. Richard Winsor, chief designer of Tata passenger cars and other professionals from Interior design departments.

The task of this contest, emphasized by Arch Academy involvement, is to make Fashion Design Schools’ students aware of the big possibilities of experience in the Automotive field.

While the Western and Japanese Automotive Brands already have fashion professionals in the in-house Interior design departments, Indian Brands still have a lack of ideation and creativity in Interior Design, which is an incredible shortcoming if we take into consideration the great Indian Textile Culture, with its colour appreciation and the colour matching skill, none of which is visible on the exterior or interior of any of the actual cars on the road in India.

I wish the Arch Academy of Design could set a specific Automotive Color & Trim department to create those designers able to change the actual Car Interior situation bringing the colours’life and happiness which India deserves.

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