Design for Delight

Celebrating 15 glorious years of Arch Academy on 3rd May at The Lalit hotel, built an impeccable future for the designers .On 4th May, creativity meet Chr –Cha a Panel discussion with India’s top Fashion designers & Product designer & Choreographers was organized. Moderator Archana Surana added “CHR-CHA is a monthly event for brainstorming and giving opportunity to individuals to share their ideas, thoughts & opinions.

Panelists were Abhishek Gupta, fashion designer, Delhi [Brand-Fightercock]; Pratima Pandey, fashion designer label Prama; Ayush kasliwal, product designer (AKFD) and India’s best fashion choreographer Aparna Bahl. The session was moderated by ARCH Director Ms. Archana Surana.

The Topic for discussion was “Design for Delight” where designers shared their experience among students from different schools, ARCH students & faculty. Students from Sawai Mansingh Vidhalaya, Mahaveer Public School & Saint Paul’s participated by raising their queries & listening to the experiences of the designers. The discussion was all around ideas and insights & the options and opportunities available in design and how they can be a part of this world. Sharing their experiences designer Pratima Pandey said, “ My mind was clear for fashion, I started with 500 bucks in pocket and was firmed about my designing passion, Everything was sponsored initially fabric, stitching , but once it started selling I got my confidence I wanted to continue.


Always surrender yourself for learning and a person in designing field should always have an affair with her garments”. She loves working with fabrics like chanderi , cotton silk, mainly emphasize on natural dying and natural technique. She has started teaching in National School of drama as well. She believes in line “Me, My journey my collection” Abhishek Gupta, Fightercock designer initiated the interaction telling his experiment with signature example “We, people should have our own signature style, I never took inspiration from designers work. For creativity one should have awareness and self- motivation. You can take inspiration from anything like from surroundings ,travelling, nature and then only a person can make his own individuality”. He started knowing fashion design when he was studying at Whelam’s Boys School and got inspired from his art teacher. He searched on Wikipedia about art & design and decided to go into fashion industry at 12th.

He believes a person should have inner sensibility of inner garments.

“I came to know at age 11 that mugging is not my option and start engaging myself in art discipline and dance said by Aparna Bahl, Fashion Choreographer. She belongs from qulaified background engineer, doctor, lawyer family and it was difficult to be in the creative world”. She says that choreography is a tough work you need to bind the audience and have inclination towards presentation and music. She feels she creates memories for audiences. For her the statement is “Keep yourself always open for being extra innovative”.

Ayush Khasliwal is from Jaipur who started his career after completing graduation from NID in product design, he established his firm AKFD in 2006. He shared his childhood experience “At age 11 no material hardware was available in the market. It was difficult to think about designing field, but my parents were always encouraging and I appeared for the NID exam and at the time of giving interview, I realized that’s what I want from life. Listen more speak less. Listen to yourself give time to your thoughts ” is the tool of success of Ayush UNESCO award winner of 2011.

A rapid Questions/Answer round in between session endowed Tejsivini one of the students from SMS, school asked about important traits which are required in a designer. Against that question Ayush focused on knowing the reason(Why) behind each & every design . He further added that each designer must be curious to understand the mystery behind each tangle & continue. Aprana perceived that whole world is a university for learning hence everyone never stops learning. Pratima defined herself as a curious learner she could learn lot more things however she quoted the example of ‘Alice Out of the Wonderland’. She was in favor of living with full of enjoyment.

ARCH Student Ashita Airan asked how should the designer keep his patience. Against this Abhishek embarked that patience is the key of true learning, in the phase of impatience we compromise with the situations. Ayush rightly said that if a mother goes impatient with her child then how will the child face her. Likewise a designer should have a lot of patience.

Session concluded with quotes & keywords like be someone, don’t worry be happy & compete yourself, surrender, listen, originality, innovative, no ego, signature style, keep exploring & consistency.

The power packed session left audiences with new insight and food for thought.

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