Prof. Benoy Thoompunkal

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Prof. Benoy Thoompunkal

Director International – Partnerships, Research & Innovation

As a practicing Design Consultant and Academician for over 32 years, he has worked in multiple fields of design, ranging from Heritage Conservation & Product Design to Interiors, Space & Structure, Lighting, Exhibitions & Display, Clock Design and Photography. He has also executed various national and international projects


Q. I am a student of Class 12th and interested in courses in the field of design. Could you please suggest the right course for me? – Suhani Lodha, Jodhpur

A. Pleased to know, that you aspire to Design as a career. Towards checking on your aesthetic sensibility, creativity & design sensitivity and other abilities that include logical reasoning & problem-solving, we conduct an Aptitude exam (AIEED). The test also helps a student to choose the right course in the various fields of design. Various undergraduate courses are available in Fashion, Interior, Product, Jewellery, Graphic Design and Business. You can take personalized counseling or visit our website

Q. Can you please explain what AIEED is about, its paper pattern and what are the eligibility criterion? – Vasant Kaushal, New Delhi

A. ARCH College of Design & Business conducts AIEED (All India Entrance Examination for Design) for Undergraduate (4yr) & Postgraduate (2yr) programmes. For the convenience of prospective admission seekers, the exam is conducted in two modes – online and offline (Centre based). Both versions evaluate the design related thinking, awareness and abilities of students seeking fulfilling careers in the various fields of design. It also tests the logical reasoning & problem solving aptitudes of the student. Students who have appeared for/ cleared Class 10+2 are eligible to write AIEED Exam. For more information, I would suggest that you to go through our website. Do send your queries on

Q. Do we get any international exposure in ARCH and how does the Pearson Certification help get the opportunity in the overseas market, as your brochures show the affiliation with so many international colleges? – Ritika Chawla, Ludhiana

A. ARCH, in strategic partnership with Pearson, is accredited to deliver Six BTEC Level 5 HND qualifications in Art and Design. Pearson is the largest awarding body in the UK for academic, vocational and work-related qualifications, and the largest education company worldwide. The BTEC Level 5 HND qualifications are embedded in the first 3 years of these courses, and includes a Foundation in Art & Design. After successful completion of the Level 5 HND in 3 years at ARCH, our students, can progress in the 4th year directly into the graduation year of a BA course abroad and gain a Level 6 ‘topup’ degree in one year, from any of more than 100 Pearson listed universities around the world in the US, Canada, South Africa, Mauritius and institutions in the UK and Europe as well as with global Universities and Colleges who have an agreement with ARCH. After completing a B.A Degree students can further progress to an M.A Degree too, and complete it in 1 Year.

Q. Please do elaborate about the Bachelor of Design Programmes? – Meghna Naidu, Kolkata

A. ARCH is the first in Rajasthan to introduce a Bachelor of Design (B.Des) degree, affiliated with the University of Rajasthan, a public and state university in Rajasthan. The 4-year Bachelor of Design degree offers specializations in:

1. Fashion Design

2. Interior Design

3. Jewellery Design

4. Craft and Accessory Design

The Bachelor of Visual Arts (B.V.A), which is also four years in duration offers a specialization in:

Applied Arts (Graphic Design) In these programmes, we focus on creating a community of problem– solvers and thought leaders; prolific minds who made us what we are today. Our emphasis is not only on the quality of education but also on the development of necessary skills and the integration of entrepreneurship in our curriculum. The ARCH ecosystem provides its inhabitants with the freedom to experiment, to challenge, to debate, to think differently, while creating design professionals of the future, with the awareness to contribute towards society in a meaningful way.

Q. Can you please explain about various Postgraduate Programmes at ARCH and how they do focus on Entrepreneurship? – Dileep Khaitan, Kathmandu

A. Initiative driven ARCH again happens to be the first in Rajasthan to introduce Master’s in Vocational Studies (M.Voc) in Design Innovation and Entrepreneurship in affiliation with the Rajasthan ILD Skills University (RISU) in Fashion, Interior, Jewellery, Product, & Design Communication. At ARCH, our teaching and learning philosophy is centered on equipping students with “future ready” skills and knowledge. We value employability as a key constituent that prepares graduates to become creative entrepreneurial leaders who are engaged members of society, demonstrating initiative and lifelong habits of learning and individual development. The ‘Business Incubation Cell’ at campus provides support to upcoming enterprises to develop a business model base for innovation in design and make it scalable for achieving commercial success through start- ups.

Prof. Benoy Thoompunkal

Q. Today in Design having international exposure is very important. How does ARCH support its students for same? – Simran Gupta, Thane

A. The teaching pedagogy at ARCH involves activities like classroom projects with international institutions, like the “Buyer-Seller Projects” with Saxion University, Netherlands and joint classroom projects with Manchester Fashion Institute (MFI). Various collaboration agreements are in position that include unique industry internships and exchange for students and staff with premier institutions like École Boulle, and École Duperré in Paris. Other focus areas are skill transfer courses, development of curriculum and pedagogy in Design Education, visits by, and exchange of, staff and graduate students for research, teaching and discussions. Development of student progression pathways at undergraduate and postgraduate level is also carried out at ARCH.

Various partner universities and colleges are:

• Middlesex University, London, UK

• UDEM Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico

• University of Northampton, UK

• Teesside University, UK

• Manchester Fashion Institute, UK

• Napier University, Edinburgh

For more details, visit our website or write me at

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