Form & Space – Techniques of Visual Representation

The open house of the foundation batch of Arch was on the 1st day of March. A wonderful way to begin this month. Our 1st formal open house ever in this institute. For seven months I have been watching my seniors putting up every months work on the boards and preparing themselves in their best way. Showcased in this open house was our assignment towards generating poster designs for an animal conservation organisation. The open house started with us giving short presentations & briefs of our work, to peer audience & our faculty. We put up observational, visualisation sketches producing various animals using different techniques. Then our faculty moved out to observe and critically analyse our work and gave us a feedback and necessary inputs. The way our work was praised was so heart warming and overwhelming. We as a batch never expected that we would receive such good comments, but somewhere in our hearts we knew we could rock it!
Deepta shree Saha
Student, Foundation Studies

Improve! This is a word that always encourages a student to do better and better. Students are always keen to showcase their work and they need feedback for improvement and their progress. The word “Open House” for us means a lot, as this is a day when we really get that opportunity of getting expert reviews and a chance to improve our standards.

The days before ‘Open House’ is always full of a lot of work and students are busy completing their work and projects. We, the students of Interior Designing, really find ourselves lucky to attend such Open Houses, as we not only get to show our work and projects, but we really get a chance to improve on the areas that are not strong enough. We are thankful to our Director, Mrs. Archana Surana, as she provides us such opportunities where we get exposures to practical knowledge and get expert feedback. Architects and experts are invited on Open House day to review our work and they provide us the best possible way to improve on the areas where we are lacking and we get the knowledge & experience of presenting our work in efficient & interesting ways. It is really a great opportunity to test & improve the presentation skills of students and giving them exposure for showcasing their work. Clarity of communication, & keeping an eye & ear open to attention spans, is a must!

Overall, the “Open House” day has always been an important day for not only the whole student peer group at ARCH ( from all streams), but also for the faculties of all streams of design, as they get to know about the students progress and the practice & efficacy of the design process.

We are thankful for the golden opportunities for turning ourselves from students into designers.

Quaid Bala
Student Interior Design

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