Future of Metaverse and Extended Realities

A panel session organised by ARCH College of Business and Design as a part of the Rajasthan Digifest 2022, to debate the topic – The Future of Metaverse and Extended Realities. The discussion was organized on the 20th of August 2022 at Birla Auditorium. 

The esteemed panelists of the session:

  • Yashika Khater

Mentor, Metaverse & NFT, ARCH College of Design & Business, Scientist, MIT- Harvard, USA, Crypto Content Creator

  • Manan Surana

Assistant Director and Product Designer & Photographer  – HR & Operations, ARCH College of Design & Business

In regard to Metaverse, there was great zeal among students to answer questions and gain knowledge with their active participation in the discussion headed by Ms Yashika. 

”Metaverse is a combination of AR, Visual reality and blockchain technology. It is a new generation of technology to reach closer and interact better with the digital world.”  

The audience’s participation in interactive questions made way for a two-way interaction. 

Various forms of communication have evolved since the start of the internet till today. “We are in the age of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. Communicating on Metaverse, it is the medium through which we can connect to the alternate realm of virtual reality and its several beneficial features.”

Basics of Metaverse 

The use of certain gadgets and equipment to go beyond physical reality or realm. Metaverse is being researched even before the 2000 year. “Google lens and QR codes are some of the earliest forms of getting closer to the digital world.” Metaverse would enable you to use your imagination for allowing you to experiment on various cases, scenarios and live an alternate life. Meta-Verse bifurcates into two words that means Beyond-Universe. 

Talking about some indepth insights, here are some key uses where Metaverse would help humankind reach an altogether different altitude. 

Metaverse – The Use Cases

The Metaverse is a realm that helps experience reality as well as imagination through a digital medium. Various uses of this virtual reality medium are as below:

Metaverse as a medium for Art Expression  

“Using Metaverse, even if you’re not capable to explain your ideas to the world, you can easily experience them using Metaverse.” 

Metaverse as a Functional tool for Teaching & Tourism 

As the Metaverse is a tool for visualizing imagination, schools and colleges could find ways to explain the tangible concepts better. Also, it is a way to go to different places and experience with the digital medium, the essence of going around the world at the comfort of your home. 

Metaverse In Fashion Industry 

A great example of Metaverse was the example of a Lakme Fashion show where audience were able to visualize the various fashion styles in form of body suits and jewellery via VR headsets. Enhancing this capability and making it feel even more real is the aim of Metaverse. 

Metaverse in the Entertainment Industry 

Metaverse would be used to feel fun and excitement sitting in the comfort of your home by giving the example of a concert by Travis Scott where attendees exceeding the count of 27 lacs were present at once and had the best of their times in Metaverse. 

Where has Metaverse reached today?

Metaverse is a medium for expressing your thoughts and living them in the virtual world designed by yourself. Today there are chips that can help you experience the taste of various cuisines at home without any hassles of cooking or going out. This aspect could be used for the benefit of diabetic patients for letting them satisfy their sweet taste. Metaverse provides an alternative to experiment different scenarios and situations, live out unattainable dreams and a lot more. Further, the trend about NFTs as the elements of metaverse has become quite popular. 


The present era has innumerable metaverses. “It is possible to turn a 3D Avatar to train to behave like anyone; for instance William Shakespeare.” Metaverse is governed by the three words in mutual relation – Expression, Ownership, Experience. The session ended with a felicitation ceremony by Mr. Vishnu for Ms. Yashika and Mr. Manan.