Design research

INSIGHT 18 – Design Research Symposium

Design, conceived as a problem solving activity and profession has evolved into a strategic thought process currently influencing most domains of knowledge and practice. While knowledge domains related to arts, science, technology and management have a structured established framework for research, design by virtue of its nature and purpose has been evolving its approaches contextually. Design Research plays a major role in the field of design. The goal of design-research is to find inspiration for design. Designers focus on people and the uniquenesses and peculiarities in their interaction with the world around in achieving a certain goal. Design research activity creates multiple triggers in the human brain that lead to interesting new design ideas.

Design Research Symposium

Ms. Archana Surana, Ms. Preeti Vyas key note speaker and Dr.Neena Jaju Pingaley

Can animation help in learning? Do we need a different designing approach when it comes to senior citizens? How can colors tell a tale? Why is design important for evoking emotions in urban space?

Design Research Symposium

Dr.Pradyumna Vyas, Director, NID addressing the conference delegates

Understanding the importance of Research in Design, The Design research symposium ‘Insight 2018’ on 1st and 2nd November 2018 at National Institute of Design(NID) answered these questions and more over its course of two days.

Design Research Symposium

L to R Nokil Singh, Dr. Neena Jaju Pingaley, Sr.Design Educator Prof. Dinesh Korjan & Ms. Archana Surana

A gathering of hundreds of global thinkers, design leaders and design practitioners working for social impact from all across the world made the event successful. Senior Members of ARCH College of Design and Business Ms. Archana Surana, Founder and Director; Dr. Neena Jaju Pingaley, Deputy Head Academics & Nokil Singh, Faculty attended the event to understand the process of global academic development to exchange, inform and move forward

“It was an event where contemporary
design research methods were discussed
to understand the different interpretations
of design research in various design
domains which could help in dev eloping
unique customized approaches and
models, and a visual representation of
design research.”
By Nokil Singh, Sr. Faculty, Product Design at ARCH

INSIGHT 2018 was majorly based on Design Research in various disciplines like Academic Practice, Professional Practice, Innovations in Design Research Methods, Contemporary & Evolving Models of Design Research, Research as Design and Design as Research. Preeti Vyas, Founder, VGC shared her insights of Design and Communication as one of the key note speakers. From making economic sense with design as a management tool, to business and marketing strategy, Preeti has infused them all with the essence of intelligent design thinking.