Must-have Digital Skills for Future Fashion Designers

Choosing a career in the fashion industry involves a significant amount of confidence. For the improvement of their creative outlook, students must be willing and open to learning new skills. The new skills could be related to the design or technical aspects. Technology has uniquely complemented fashion design so that the two have become inseparable.

Innovations in the 21st century have uniquely impacted the world. As the world gears for new challenges, the need for an improved skill set in the design industry has been the demand in recent times. Creative skills combined with the proper amount and type of technical knowledge are the two keys to opening doors to a successful career in the fashion industry.

The future today is an era of digital transformations. Digitalisation has not just changed the business and education sector but also brought prominent changes in the fashion design industry. As the new generation prepares to enter the fashion industry, here is a list of a few digital skills that students must possess:

Google Analytics Tool

Google Analytics is simply an assessment tool. What does it assess? It assesses and tells whether there was an increase in the traffic of the website/web page on a specific day. The details of sales and visits are also on the page.

This is why Google Analytics is useful for fashion designers. The tool gives an in-depth knowledge of the traffic generated and hence the conversion. Fashion designers in the field of marketing and media use this tool. Hence, it is an important digital skill for a fashion design student.

Social Media Management

When someone is in charge of the social media of a brand, it means he/she looks after the brand’s promotion and concept showcasing. This represents the face of the brand. A social media manager is an all-rounder who knows the importance of days and dates and of course social trends. It requires the skills of scheduling a brand calendar with captions, hashtags and the latest trends.

The images and post captions chosen must connect with the campaign or newsletter being used currently. Further, one must also be aware of the regular updates of the platforms and new algorithms. Sponsored content presentation and timing play an important role in deciding the outcome of the content posted. For this, one must be aware of how to set up a campaign and how it works.

Graphic Tools

For the fashion design industry, there are several profiles available such as social content manager, Content Manager and other such equivalent fields. These managers look after invitations, the content, design framework quality and its execution.

For all these, tools such as HTML, Video and Photo editors, Photoshop are some tools that digital fashion designers must be well-versed with. These tools help in improving the user experience. It also makes the work simpler for the designers to exhibit and market their products. Proper knowledge of these tools could help bring out the best of the resources available. It is a foremost required skill for the coming future.

Influencer Marketing

For any brand, its marketing plays a crucial role in determining its value as well as position in the market. A brand that may not brand often may or may not be successful depending upon the internal circumstances. Influencer marketing involves a lot more than just hiring a celebrity for some visibility.

For students who are into brand design promotion, it involves a large amount of planning on the strategy and target of the company for its users. This step is followed by the selection of the right person/influencer for the job.

For this, a common viewpoint is necessary based on the current public opinions and suitability of the product. This stage also involves budget requirements and planning. Brands usually detect the impact of their marketing on the page visits (traffic) through MIV i.e. Media Impact Value. The said skill is an in-demand skill for brand marketing that has gained tremendous impetus at the moment.


The need for new and improved skills in the design sector is an ever-growing need. The present era of technology has amalgamated a creative outlook with the technical tools today. As the rise in demand for improved skill sets arises, future fashion designers need to be well prepared with their visionary and digital skills to survive the challenges.

For this purpose, the ARCH college provides a proper curriculum of the Fashion Design sector that involves a balance of all elements. Through expert guidance, the ARCH college has experienced experts from all around the world. With all the latest equipment and technologies, ARCH allows students to mould their creative paths to success.