Women in Design

Charcha Women in Design

Women Empowerment is a word that has frequented news channels, social networking sites and election campaigns in India of late. Be it in professional life or personal life, it is a serious obligation to celebrate each and every woman in one’s life. It’s not a thing to forget that we belong in a country where in all our teachings, women […]

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Discussing Responsible Fashion: Live Session by Ms. Archana Surana with Prof. Ian King

Ian King chrcha

Prof. Ian King was until recently the Professor of Aesthetics & Management in London College of Fashion at the University of Arts, London. He is currently visiting professor at three universities in Belgium, UK & USA. He has an awareness of responsible fashion in India and extremely optimistic viewpoints covering the design scenario. He first […]

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4 reasons why a dedicated Graphic Design course gives an incredible head start to your career

Graphic Design Course

With the rise in visually centered digital media, Graphic Design has become a requirement in almost every domain.  Graphic Design encompasses a large array of products and services from unvaried to extremely fun and creative. It’s the practice of creating interactive images and content to communicate and advertise visually. Graphic Design has been quite a […]

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Live with Sunita Shekhawat: Discussing women entrepreneurship and professionalism

Sunita Shekhawat

Ms. Sunita Shekhawat, an innovative jewelry designer and the founder of House of Sunita Shekhawat. Her inspiration for craft comes from the colorful heritage of Rajasthan and places across the country. In this live session with ARCH Founder & Director, Ms. Archana Surana, she reveals a few insights about her profession, challenges, and perspectives on […]

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Principals’ Virtual Conference on ‘DesignAbility’ – Innovation & the Building of a ‘Design Culture’ in schools through the application of ‘Design Thinking’

Principals’ Virtual Conference on DesignAbility’

ARCH College of Design and Business organized an online conference of notable educational reformers and leaders from different parts of the country and a few from abroad as well. The mood thus set in this DesignAbility symposium was rather upbeat and vibrant. Armed with the knowledge of the interconnectedness of all the different aspects of […]

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