Reinventing the cultural heritage with modern designs in the Fashion industry

modern designs in the Fashion industry

Cultural heritage is an integral part of a person’s identity. It cannot be viewed only as yet another fashion trend. It has a deeper, underlying meaning like many other inspirational sources. Heritage and culture stay regardless of fashion trends and times- as a constant inspirational source for designers. India’s deep-rooted culture and rich heritage are […]

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“the goods of today are the resources of tomorrow at yesterday’s resource prices.” Walter R. Stahel Walter R. Stahel, a Swiss architect and propounder of The Cradle-to-Cradle theory, gave rise to the concept of CIRCULAR ECONOMY, offering concrete alternatives to the prevailing “throwaway culture”. PRINCIPLES OF CIRCULAR ECONOMY Circular economy is a systemic approach that […]

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Design Awards – A call for Innovators & Design Thinkers

Design Culture

A unique design style is essential for both aspiring and professional designers. Duplicacy, copying or following someone else’s design style or idea is both possible and easy. However, representing independent and original ideas gives a sense of empowerment and courage to become a great designer with innovative and creative thinking skills. Keeping all this in […]

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Design Culture Dialogue Series: Design Culture and The Future of Design Thinking

Design Culture Dialogue series

Progress in any sector is largely dependent on the type of education, the thinking, the desire to bring about change, and ultimately the actions. For a product to be effective, efficient, fun and easy to use design thinking is of core importance. Strategic design thinking allows us to unfold the complexities of ambiguous and challenging […]

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