Creating Statement Jewelry: Bold Designs for Unique Personalities

Jewellery Designing

Jewelry has always been a method to express oneself and make a statement in the world of fashion. Statement jewelry has built a position for itself in the market, offering anything from delicate strands that exude elegance to massive, brash pieces that scream uniqueness. The expert hands of jewelry designers, who bring their artistic vision […]

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Textile Selection in Fashion Design: Understanding Fabrics and Their Applications

Fashion Designing

One component serves as the cornerstone of each masterpiece in the realm of fashion design, where imagination has no bounds: the fabric. A crucial option that may elevate a design to a satisfactory level is the selection of fabric. This article explores the finer points of textile selection in fashion design, illuminating the wide range […]

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Graphic Designing in the Era of AI: What to Do and What Not to Do

graphic designing courses

The field of graphic design is going through a radical change in today’s world of fast change, where technology and creativity converge. Graphic designers are both excited and nervous about the arrival of artificial intelligence (AI), as the sector negotiates the incorporation of AI technologies into the creative process. Understanding the delicate balance between human […]

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The Future of Business: Trends and Opportunities for BBA Graduates in Design

BBA Design

So, you are that one BBA course aspirant wanting to know your future prospects and trends in the field? Get down here with us! As we move towards the future, the business sector is experiencing dramatic change, with design serving as an increasingly significant part. The future contains fascinating trends and numerous opportunities for Bachelor […]

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From Pixels to Print: Understanding the Technical Aspects of Graphic Design Bachelor Courses

Graphic Design courses

Unlocking the secrets of graphic design mastery, get equipped with your curious and creative minds and dive in a world where creativity meets technical prowess! With ARCH College of Design & Business, Graphic design becomes an exciting profession that mixes art, imagination & visualisation and knowledge of technology to show how thoughts, theories, and messages […]

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Discover the captivating journey of self-discovery: To be or not to be… Step inside your truest self

Introduction: Design Culture Learning Series, where creativity and innovation are celebrated. In this exciting series, Mr. Benoy Thoomkpunkal, Director International, Arch College of Design & Business, emphasizes the importance of embracing new experiences, taking risks, and venturing into uncharted territories. He also explained how to challenge your limits, ignite your creativity, and find the courage […]

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The Art of Harmony: How Design Can Transform Your Life

Introduction: The word “harmonious” is derived from two roots: the Greek word “harmonia,” which means “balance and order,” and “oudeis,” meaning “sweet.” This concept of harmonious living has been practiced in many cultures across the globe. And in the session of the Design Culture Learning Series held at ARCH College, Anjali Dubey, architect and founder […]

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