Experiencing the Metaverse within the Universe

Panel discussion on: “Experiencing the Metaverse within the Universe”

Today’s digital transformation has introduced us to many exciting and interactive 3D Virtual realities, one of the most talked about in recent additions, being the `Metaverse’. It is not something that we haven’t experienced throughout our technological evolution; it resides within our universe whether we talk about video games or our endless imaginations. Metaverse is more expensive than the real world, where originality is equally valued. Metaverse is something beyond the world which lets you experience physical reality through virtual methods. In this session- “Experiencing the Metaverse within the Universe” at ARCH College of Design and Business, renowned speakers discussed about Metaverse and the roles and opportunities it withholds.

The speakers and their point of view on the topic:

Shrutidhar Paliwal is Chief Executive Officer at Framtix Holdings AB. He spoke about how there may be some prominent issues that might need more attention than creating and implementing Metaverse. Yet, it cannot be denied that it takes you closer to a wide range of audience. It’s that end of our imagination that offers something of value to everybody, not just the creators. Therefore, the Metaverse establishes a most focused social connection without any physical interaction. He also pointed out how the metaverse market is increasing and has become a multi-million dollar industry amidst the digitally inclined world.

Yashika Khater is a Crypto Educator working with NAS Academy & Metapurse. She introduced us to what all Metaverse brings to the table. Metaverse and NFT remove middlemen and make connection between consumers and creators more interactive and direct. Further direct connection with existing and potential customers builds a strong base and ample room for improvement and feedback.

Sanjay Yadav is Program Architect for Students Mega-preneur under Fellowship program. He said that our vision and imagination are opposite and Metaverse acts like a bridge between them. Therefore, to make Metaverse a part of our lives, we need to evolve with the technology as it comes, albeit never ignoring the traditional idea. In addition to this he also discussed briefly about Crytpocurrency. He stated that crypto will power the whole Metaverse, and different realistic aspects will be born, such as Metaverse city, Metaverse bank, and many others. It will free us from the extra load of marketing and will make it easier to beat top companies in the world at Metaverse as ones communication with customers will be direct and adequate.

Puneet Mittal is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Pratham Software. He said that in Metaverse, many platforms are created for many people. It is vital to value originality more than any random content to attract a massive audience with diverse mindsets. He said a beautiful thing: “we live in a primarily dreamy attitude, and the creator of such new spaces is no one other than our mind.” The Metaverse is a creation and depiction of our minds in virtual space with incredible physical experience. He further added that new imaginative newborns in the market will be able to outshine some big brands in the Metaverse world. Also, E-commerce will make a massive shift to metaverse commerce with 3D advertisements.

Moderator of the session: Manan Surana, Excellence Officer, Arch College of Design and Business. As a moderator, he introduced everybody to the word; Metaverse and what one means by it. He believed it as a mode of interaction between the Physical and the Virtual world. He directed the conversation towards how metaverse gives you the space for unlimited creativity and ways to recreate it as per the technological evolution in the global market. Through this, panelists discussed the future opportunities associated with metaverse for Design Thinkers. He stated that Metaverse is something beyond the universe.

Final Word from the Moderator:

Names and concepts like Metaverse, Blockchain, Web 3.0 attracts people’s attention but very few understand it’s true essence. For some, it is like a hobby; for others, it is like an opportunity for better jobs, but it is still something fancy about which most of us are unaware. These terms keep doing their rounds through social media or other platforms.

Metaverse has many similarities with our present and the past universe, so understanding what it stands for only needs a little attention and passion. They are a field where creative solutions are built for everyone in almost every sector. So, for a better understanding of these new terminologies such as Metaverse, internet 3.0, etc., watch this session on the Youtube channel of the ARCH College of Design and Business.