Product Design Interview with Isadora Mayumi

This article is based on interview of Isadora Mayumi by writer Pranjal Joshi

Isadora Mayumi is creative, perfectionist and with international experience as Product Designer. Graduated in Product Design from the University of the State of Minas Gerais (UEMG), in Brazil. Isadora came to Jaipur to be part of the extremely talented faculty team of ARCH College of Design and Business. She chose Product Design, for believing that at this profession it is essential to find new ways of thinking and producing, so that we can find creative solutions and improve the everyday life. With 4 years in the fashion industry, at companies in Brazil and Canada, she has more than 500 products of her own design being sold all over Brazil. Isadora has also developed researches about Methodology, Architecture, Arts & Crafts, Urban Design and Emotional Design. As ARCH, Isadora believes on empowering of individuals and minorities through design, with break-through solutions and systemic evaluation, creating an evolving environment for all.

– What is product design?
Product Design is one of the bigger areas of Design. Also known as Industrial Design, Product Design is designing any kind of object: it can be a jewellery, a package, an automobile, an electronic device, a furniture, lights – or you can also design systems, user experiences and interactions. In Brazil, we study broader areas of Designs, while here in India you study more specific areas and crafts. The product design methodology helps the designer to understand and research the needs of the user’s, trending aesthetics, production process, fast prototyping, and others.

Avant – Herb Lubalin Display
This project consists in a window display for the biography of the famous graphic designer Herb Lubalin. The main point of the window is the most famous typography created by the designer: AVANT. Each letter of the type uses a pattern made of other iconic typography made by Lubalin. “Marriage”, “Fact”, “Beards”, “Mother” and “Numbers” were the Lubalin’s work used. The colours used were based on other graphic works of the designer. The window display was in exhibition at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in 2014.


– Career options in Product Design
Since it’s a broad area the designer can chose based on her/his personal interest. You can be an automobile designer, a furniture designer, a shoes designer, a jewellery designer – the possibilities are infinite inside the Design Field. As a product designer I created works as leather bags, hospital lights, furniture, jewelleries, studied production system environments, each product was from a different field but they all share the same design methodology.

– A Designer who inspires you
I do not have a specific designer, but one of my favorites brands is Alessi. Alessi is an Italian brand that co-create with various designers’ collections of house products that are extremely functional but yet focus on emotional design, with fun elements – designers as Phillip Stark, Ettore Sotssas, that have worked with Alessi. Other designers that inspire me are Karim Rashid, Ray Eames, Zaha Hadid, Lina Bo Bardi, Marianne Brandt.

– What difference can a Product Designer make in the world?
A product designer has the tools to understand in a complete way, the entire process to develop a product and a system. Solving problems that the user has faced or giving them a satisfaction or a need that they did not know that they have. There is a say that a “product with a good design is when a product is not noticed” – when a product does not work or do not appeal aesthetically there is no design in it. Product design can help create systems, interfaces and of course, objects, that brings functionality and joy to the everyday life.

Unfold – Modular Shelf
Project of a modular shelf based on the concept of sharing travel experiences and origami. The 3 modular shelf were made to be a repository of memories, making the user able to re-experience his journey and sharing with other people. Each model will be made with typical woods found around the globe, exploring the local character of each region. Each shelf represents the fauna and the flora, adapted to an origami form. The Kitsune shelf represents the fauna; the Fuji and the Sakura represent the flora. The wood is going to be pierced in small holes, as a pegboard, making possible for each user to adapt the shelf with his needs. Small hooks were made for this project and fine straps of leather were used as support for souvenirs, photos, toys and books.

– How can Indian Product Designers compete with western product designers?
The Indian Designers have such a unique aesthetic, the expertise in craft and a big sense of sustainability that can be definitely used as a differential in a project. The colors combinations, the patterns creation, how quickly you develop your objects are outstanding characteristics for a designer. Indian Product Designers can combine these elements into fantastic projects.

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