Orientation week in ARCH

Student Orientation Programs – Introduction to College Life

Arch Academy welcomes their new entrants every year by organizing an exciting week of orientation program for all new joiners. This time new Academic Session has began on 13th July 2015, for all vocation students and for their parents. The Session aims towards introducing students and their parents to the institution, its people and its policies and the world of Design

During the Orientation Week the students would be engaged in week-long activities. Building on existing orientation activities, New Activities will be:

  • Motivational skills training
  • Professional talks,
  • Panel discussion on Vocational and skill development in the design sector
  • Industrial visits showing practical techniques in manufacturing company,
  • Darshan [City Tour] etc
  • Incorporation of student presentations and the inclusion of ice-breaker activities.

These activities would help the students to develop the requisite attitudes, values, skills & sensitivity related to the field of Design and Creative Thinking. On 13th July traditional opening with sharing  of complete agenda about vocational programs, contents of all departments of Jewelry, Fashion and interior and it continued with introduction of all staff members, faculties, guidelines, rules regulation, procedure of open houses, Jury members visits including all regular activities.   Arch Academy invited  Mr. S.K Batra on 14th July who is a motivational & Corporate Trainer with an experience of 40+  visited the campus and shared his knowledge about the leadership qualities, how to pushes toward acting, performing actions and achieving ,with motivational skills among the students. Program ended up with  Mr. Pramod Yadav,( Director Administration) 1 hour interactive session with students to refresh their minds by chatting about” How to succeed in life “ Pramod Yadav  said “Orientation is a much-needed program that when planned correctly can aid all participants–new students, parents, faculty, staff, administration, and current students.

ARCH Design school Orientation week in 2015 Designing school Activities in Orientation week -Arch Academy


Upcoming events agenda been shared with students:

15th July– On such big occasion of World Youth Skill day , Arch Academy celebrating this International  day by inviting all experts of different industries for panel discussion on “Vocational and skill development in the design sector” for all vocational programmes students .People including Designers, Academicians & Entrepreneurs where they will Foster the acquisition of skills among students and  will enhance their ability to make informed choices with regard to life and work and empower them to gain access to changing labour markets and viable employment opportunities.

16th July- This one-day workshop will be coordinating by Prof Bhawani Shanker and Ms Anjum Chaturvedi, Faculty of Arch Academy exclusively for all design students pursuing 3 yr vocational programs to answer all their questions on “Sense, Perception to Creative Process”

17th July– Closing day of orientation week, students will go for the industrial visits capturing glimpse of actul implementation of technique and theoretical applications. Each department of fashion, Jewelry department and Interior designs.Whole day faculties of Arch Academy of their respective department will company the students and show practical usage and techniques of designing.

Orientation for Four Year B.S.C degree Program will be starting from 20th July where students will learn more about their International Diploma Pearson Ed excel use and Progression pathways

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