Form and Function Within The Jewellery Industry

Transformation: Form and Function Within The Jewellery Industry

The present era has been full of creativity and marketing. Even within marketing strategies, creativity plays an important role.

The Jewellery industry has advanced to a noteworthy level along similar lines. Advancing technologies such as 3-D printing have equally contributed to the industry reaching booming heights of success. The main reason for this has been the rapidly changing functionality of everyday items.

Looking forward to connecting the dots between jewellery and the design industry, a panel discussion on “Transformation- Form & Function within the Jewellery Industry” was conducted at ARCH College of Design & Business. The session had experts from various sectors, where jewellery design has paved its way and impinged an everlasting spark.

The panel consisted of:

  1. Mr Gaurav Mehta, Founder- The Jaipur Watch Co., a global level Watch company.
  2. Miss Prerna Makharia, Jewellery designer and blogger, India’s first jewellery influencer with 18 years of experience.
  3. Mr Ankit Malpani, Founder of ANKIT MALPANI: Jewellery by Art, a Handcrafted fine jewellery and couture jewellery connoisseur.
  4. Mrs Shimul Vyas; Chief Jewellery designer and Consultant at the National Institute of Design (NID).

Quoting the words of Mrs Archana, the founder and director of ARCH College of Design and Business who moderated the session, “the discussion will prompt you on how to follow your dreams and passions and look for opportunities in every scenario. Further, to try and find uniqueness in your product or service.”

Apart from this, the current transformations and the perspectives of youth/future generations pursuing design as their mainstream courses were some of the critical points.

Jewellery Design Innovation in the Bespoke Wrist Watch Industry

In the Indian market, the craze for traditional gold and silver jewellery is immense. However, there is not enough recognition of using that aspect in other daily wearables. As per Mr Gaurav Mehta, custom-built watches have a pretty close association with the market in the foreign industry. It is what brings a change, a transformation for a better form of jewellery.

By using Jewellery designs to customise watches, we can bring a change to the function of jewellery. In other words, the jewellery that was once limited to occasional wearables becomes a daily wear gadget. The Brand owned by Mr Gaurav tries to fill the gap between luxury brand watches and local brands to cater for the needs of those who care.

The bespoke watch brand is a step towards design innovation.

As per Mr Gaurav Mehta, “the technology and jewel industry combination will see a booming upheave in the coming ten years or so.” Also, the 3D printing sector is a big help to this industry, given its low wastage and cheaper yet efficient production capacity.

Focussing on 3D printing, Mrs Shimul Vyas talked about how modern technology will be more time-efficient and optimise the use of resources. AI-generated designs for the metaverse is one of the many areas that seem to be an exciting prospect.

Jewellery Industry For Bespoke Pet Jewellery

There are many areas where the jewellery industry has reached far and wide. However, there has never been a demand for the flexibility of jewel pieces in various functions and forms as today. Gen Z needs something that can be worn multiple times and yet feels a unique or rare item. It is where design thinking plays an important role.

Talking about her inspiration, Miss Prerna Makharia said that if humans gift artistic jewel pieces on special occasions to their loved ones, the same should be the case with our pets. It was where the idea of aesthetic bespoke pet jewellery items arose. It involves several design aspects so that the pets stay comfortable in them.

As per Prerna Makharia, ever since the beginning, she had witnessed quite a demand for these pet items from all over. People who own pets understand that whatever makes the pet look and feel good is a worthy item.

Jewellery Industry For Fine Jewellery

As per Mr Ankit Malpani, there has been quite a lot of modernisation in the jewellery industry and innovations in its branches. He further mentioned how today’s customer wants to be in the limelight by telling a story. But no one wishes or tries to understand their own true design story, and it is imperative to have elements in the design story.

“A rarity separates a jewel from a group of many.”

Nowadays, jewellery copied from western culture has become a trend in the nation. No one is paying attention to the true and unique essence of Indian designs. Through continuous efforts, Indian jewellery and designs have found recognition in the global market.

However, there is a need of continuous, consistent efforts to achieve results. One can watch the video on Arch’s YouTube Channel to understand this topic!