career in Jewellery Design

A Career in Jewelry Design

Imagine having an enriching, remunerative job that lets you use your creativity to design beautiful jewelry. Welcome to the world of professional jewelry designers!

Jewelry designing, manufacturing, and trading have been an integral part of our society since time immemorial, and with it has evolved interest in creativity, precision, knowledge of precious and semi-precious stones that were initially confined only to royals and the upper echelons of society.

The boom in the gems and jewelry industry has brought innumerable employment opportunities for jewelry designers. A career in jewelry design has quite an extensive ambit as the jewelry industry is thriving right now thanks to advances in CAD (computer-aided design) & 3D printing. You no longer need to be an artist or a bench jeweler to be able to design jewelry these days.

Unique, innovative and distinctive custom rings are the rage with consumers at this current time.

You can master CAD programs and work for both small and large companies as well as start your own design company.

Galvanizing this rapid development has been the increased interest of the world in gems and jewelry. India has emerged as a chief player in the fine jewelry landscape, globally. With better infrastructural advancements, evolving business models, and the inclusion of traditional craftsmanship, the industry is imminently heading towards a better future.

There are many ways to become a jewelry designer. You can, of course, go to school and take classes and get various certifications. However, depending on your level of interest and your approach, learning about rudimentary elements of the industry is a great way to get started. Having an understanding of what it takes to make jewelry is an essential part of becoming a good jewelry designer.

What you should start to know and do in jewelry design

Jewelry materials include beads, gemstones, synthetics, metal, clay, natural elements such as wood, shell, paper, and more.

Types of jewelry you can make include earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, and more.

Build a little understanding of Jewelry making equipment and tools and where to get them.

Gather Information about jewelry designing and jewelry making workshops, college courses, and certificate programs.

Develop ideas for jewelry, and ensure your jewelry is wearable and looks trendy.

Sketch a jewelry design on (CAD) and make samples or prototypes of your jewelry.

Find artisans and craftspeople and companies to make the jewelry you design which is also known as outsourcing of jewelry production.

Jewelry Design at Arch

Jewelry Design is flourishing as a lucrative career like never before and Jaipur is a design, production, and market hub for jewelry. We have the designers, the craftsmen, the materials, and the investment.

Being the pioneer of teaching Jewelry design In Jaipur, Rajasthan, Arch College has been the benchmark of excellence since 2000.

The Jewellery Design course at ARCH is the epitome of excellence in delivery, facilitating the learning of students by generously exposing them to the traditional crafts of India alongside technology, and inspiring their engagement with the creation of captivating objects of desire.

As a jewelry designer, you will have the satisfaction of making your vision a reality. You will learn drafting, shading, design theory, how to illustrate shape and form using several mediums, and much more. The expert faculty leave no stone unturned in the endeavor to make the students’ learning experience a dynamic one.

Training the students in the wide array of processes essential to jewelry design in the contemporary scenario, we at Arch holistically balance education and take them through expanded exposure to industry and have them participate actively in our institutional collaborations that enable student exchange.

Start your excursion in digital designing by getting selected for a UG course at Arch College.