The Changing Room


The times are changing. Unpredictable is prevailing. Unexpected is happening. Humanity is at the edge of a precipice, its future is at stake. Global warming at its peak; and the Pandemic is making  our immediate universe tremble.

The severity of our current crisis is indicated by the extreme uncertainty as to how or when it will end.

It is time to be alert, time to find an alternative. Fashion is a logical place to start raising awareness for sustainable causes. It is hard to imagine a set of policies that could successfully navigate such a lengthy hiatus, it is harder still to implement them.

The creativity and adaptability of life are expressed through the spontaneous emergence of novelty at critical points of instability. Every human organization contains both designed and emergent structures. The challenge is to find the right balance between the creativity of emergence and the stability of the design.

The idea in this case was to connect the leftovers of garment design – the test fits to be exact –  to stress minimization of  waste at each and every step of our process and transform it into sustainable visual art; make the spectators connect themselves with the possibility of re-emergence through the textures and patterns created on the surface.

A 25 FT tall garment was designed and made of the recycled test fits and curated  under the mentorship of ARCH Founder and Director, Ms. Archana Surana. In her words –  ‘the Changing Room has more to show! Changing times need responsible consumers and designers. The chain is now open… make the change that you wish to see while the Changing Room is standing tall!’

This work of art was intended to enable the appreciation of the beauty in change and the acceptance of reality.

It sought to project a balance between a deliberate strategy and an emergent yet flexible one to cope with crisis. We wanted to make attesters aware of how interaction, fusion, or imbalance in the field of design, education, and industrial practice can bring about change in the present scenario of climate change and the relative absence of actual sustainability; further exploring the relation between fashion and nature, habit and habitat; and its impact along with various assembled perspectives and actions.

The exciting garment was hung from the 3rd floor, of the ARCH campus building, draping a corner of the front façade. The world got a chance to see it for two weeks!

All giantesses are invited for a test fit! Please book in advance to avoid disappointment.