Jewellery Designing Courses

Build your Fascinating Career with Jewellery Designing Courses

There were days when CA medicine or engineering was the only limited career option. But in the past decade, the world has evolved with several other creative career options which people find not only fun to learn but fun to take it up as a profession. Jewellery design is one of those career paths which is fun for the passionate as well as quite lucrative if pursued with a good skill set.

Qualities of a jewellery designer

Like other design domains, Jewellery designing is also a creative field. It requires an eye for innovative and imaginative thinking. Aspiring jewellery designers should be able to make a rough plan about how they would work on the jewellery and how the piece will suit their client best. It requires a good deal of practice, trials, iterations, explorations, prototyping and testing before it is put down for professional purposes. Jewellery designers should have a flair for imaginative ideas, should be, hardworking and willing to work flexibly according to clients’ needs. 

They should possess a proper knowledge of designing software that can make changes efficiently compared to traditional methods of pen and paper.

 Of course, that does not mean that the traditional method is not to be used. One always begins the process of ideation with pen and paper, before finally launching onto the computer for details and variations in conceptualization. They should be well versed in the manufacturing aspect of jewellery and various stones, metal and element that is a part of any jewellery. Jewellery offers different speciality areas where one can work. For example, some people work with gold while some are well-versed in beaded necklaces. The designer’s speciality will help the client understand their creative niche. 

What are Important skills required?

Every career path requires an important set of skills to create a good outcome. Jewellery designing requires a certain set of skills to start your career with. Aspiring jewellery designers should possess the following skills which would be imparted by different Jewellery design colleges in India

  • Knowledge of metal curing, moulding and forming.
  • Experience in gauging the value of jewellery and gemstone
  • Wax carvings and mould making
  • Understanding equipment like 3D printers and how to use them effectively.
  • Skills for business management and product marketing

Career Scope after doing a Bachelor in Jewellery Design

The public and media are more focused on fashion trends and jewellery design. The market prefers jewellery that remains a social heritage on promising occasions. 

If we look at the job opportunity, aspiring designers can apply to big organisations after completing an ideal bachelor of jewellery design course. They can also work freelance or set up their retail unit to make a good income along with their primary job. Here is the list of career opportunities after having a bachelor in jewellery design:

  • A professional Jewellery Designer

After earning a degree in jewellery design, you can pursue a job designing jewellery for well known brands like Tanishq and other such prominent companies

  • Small business set-up

One can extend this from just a hobby to setting up a small business of for people where you can design bespoke jewellery and be the boss of your own company.

  • Craft workshops

You can teach others how to make jewellery in an open craft workshop. It is a monthly or weekly engagement. The designer must attend workshops according to the schedule and this can be a good source of additional income.

  • Jewellery manufacturers

Some highly specialised customers take custom orders for mass production of jewellery. They often hire professional jewellery designers for their custom orders or mass production. They can also set up the team to complete the order on time.

  • Upcycled jewellery hacks

People love creative and unique upcycle products. You can use your old jewellery to turn into New pieces like wall hanging lamps or upcycle them with dresses and sell them in the online store.

  • Loved ones’ handcrafted jewellery

People love handmade things that are made with love and care. Setting up a handmade Store that makes customised handcrafted jewellery, especially for your loved ones.

  • Teaching

Teaching is a stable and satisfying career option. After completing the course and gaining a certain amount of experience, you can join any institute to teach and train other students in the field.


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