Scholarship will be given to students on the basis of the following criteria: (any one would be applicable)

  • Cumulative Result from 3 stages of AIEED Exam,
  • Performance in past qualification,
  • Income of the family,
  • Ward of a single mother, Servicemen, Craftsmen or artisan etc.
  • One Girl Child Scholarship
  • Domicile scholarships for Rajasthan Students

The scholarship will be awarded on 'first come first served’ basis and would be valid for a certain time-period. Once all the scholarships are claimed, further students would not be considered for the same, even if they fulfil all the requirements.


Bank Loans

All leading Banks and Financial services companies provide education loans based on the credentials of Students and their parents, which includes Income, credit history, etc.

Student will be provided a supporting letter from the institution confirming their admission to the course which student has to submit to the financial institution from where they wish to take the loan.

Please note that ARCH College of Design and Business does not provide loan facility and can only provide supporting letter to help students secure education loan.