Scholarships, Studentships, Bursaries & Awards

Through the ARCH Co-Welfare Initiative, we seek to enable the future for design aspirants by providing Scholarships, Studentships, Bursaries & Endowments.

These unique incentives are designed for talented Indian students, who wish to undertake an Undergraduate or Postgraduate Design Degree programme at the ARCH College of Design & Business.

Making education a little more accessible, the welfare initiatives at ARCH seeks to shape the future of design aspirants in the right direction. We want them to dream, believe and make happen, come what may. Therefore, to complement academic brilliance and foster the excellence of emerging designers, we are providing scholarships in the following manner:

The offer will be given to students on the basis of the following criteria: (any ONE crtiterion would be applicable)


  • Cumulative Result of AIEED Exam (merit based)
  • Performance in past qualification


  • School Principal's Recommendation

Directors Endowment & Bursary

  • Children of Teachers
  • Children of Defence Personnel, Artisans
  • Children of Single Mothers, Non- Binary and Specially Abled


  • Social Responsibility Award - for Community Projects Undertaken
  • Creative Entrepreneurship Award - for Entrepreneurial Activities Undertaken
  • Sports Award – for Sports achievement at State, National &International Level
  • ARCH + Industry Sponsored Awards - for Extraordinary Ability and Achievements

ARCH Directors Support Grant

  • Income of the family

When asked for by the institution, Documents supporting your eligibility/ bracket for the scholarship must be uploaded, along with the special application you are required to make, requesting such rebates. All Awards are disbursed on a first-come, first-served basis and will be valid for a set period of time. After these are claimed, students will not be considered for additional awards, even if they meet all requirements.

Bank Loans

All leading Banks and Financial services companies provide education loans based on the credentials of Students and their parents, which includes Income, credit history, etc.

Student will be provided a supporting letter from the institution confirming their admission to a course. The student may be required to submit this to the financial institution from where they wish to take the loan.

Please note that ARCH College of Design and Business does not provide loan facility and can only provide supporting letter to help students secure education loan.