Design Culture

Design Awards – A call for Innovators & Design Thinkers

A unique design style is essential for both aspiring and professional designers. Duplicacy, copying or following someone else’s design style or idea is both possible and easy. However, representing independent and original ideas gives a sense of empowerment and courage to become a great designer with innovative and creative thinking skills.
Keeping all this in mind, the ARCH College of Design and Business has developed a platform for willing Design enthusiasts to showcase their talent and get deserving recognition. Arch is conducting a Design Award competition in which original project entries. Of course, the essential details of the design project should be included with accuracy and accessibility.

All you need to know about Design Culture-Design Awards Competition:

Designing innovative products or systems using a design process helps one reveal new ideas to attract a vast range of potential clients. This also allows discovering the needs and preferences of the customers. This competition is an excellent opportunity for all, whether an industry professional, a new startup, or a design faculty, to showcase one’s talent. Follow the basic steps of the design process and create a workable project document.

Theme and regulations to be followed:

The confluence at ARCH College of Design and Business has an exciting theme for the Design award competition: Form. Reform. Transform. The theme expresses how things formed over time reformed and further transformed to fulfil the requirements of both nature and society. The exposure to this platform with free and accessible services without any additional participation fees makes you ready for proper planning, from product designing to building business strategies. The Design projects from January 2020 until today will be considered valid entries for the competition. In addition, you may submit conceptual designs within the mentioned theme and sub-themes.

The design project document should be in the form of detailed conceptual drawings, illustrations, 3D modelling, or high-resolution photographs. It has three categories:

  1. Digital Design
  2. Phygital Design
  3. Industrial Design

The maximum length of the document should be around 10 pages explaining the design process of your project. The shortlisted entries will be further required to submit working prototypes of their designs for evaluation by the final jury. The competition is open for both students and professionals to encourage them and provide them with desired opportunities.

Jury members and the judgment criteria associated with Design Awards:

The judgment criteria for the Design Award competition is not strict and may vary for each design type. The criteria chosen as the basis for judging can help you design. Designs that are innovative, aesthetic, durable, with upcoming trends, feasible, sustainable sprinkled with a bit of the designer’s emotional value can create a mind-blowing impact on the jury members. All the entries will be assessed in a fair and unbiased manner. The Designs documents are assessed randomly and given a scale of 1 to 10.

The Jury members will be judging the entries utilising their expertise and inspiring professional background in design and business environments, which helps them orient the competition properly. Our esteemed jury members associated with the Design Award are:

  1. Pradyumna Vyas, Senior Advisor at ARCH College of Design and Business
  2. Ashwini Deshpande, Communication & Product Designer, Founding Member, Association of Designers of India (ADI)
  3. Satish Gokhale, Industrial & Product Designer Founder Director, Design Directions Pvt. Ltd
  4. Dr Vishal Rao, Innovator & Dean, Chief of Head & Neck Surgical Oncology & Robotic Surgery at HCG Cancer Centre
  5. Alok Nandi, Entrepreneur Strategist Author Educator

Details about the Award felicitation system in this Design Award Competition:

Each of the three categories will have five shortlisted finalists. Their projects will be assessed, and the winner will be announced. The winner in all the categories would be awarded a:

  • Design Culture Award ’22 Trophy
  • Cash prize of Fifty Thousand rupees
  • Social Media Coverage and Publications
  • Two passes for The Pink city Design Confluence 2022, online( 27th-28th January 2022), and in Jaipur, Rajasthan (31st January-2nd February 2022).

The rest four shortlisted finalists will be awarded the participation certificate.

However, there is to be disheartened because this design experience opens up significant and new business opportunities. Its value is often underestimated, but good design can bring good business benefits yet to be explored by young designers. To know more about the event, visit this link.

Why is it beneficial to participate in the Design Award?

An opportunity to explore your options and test your ideas for the future, the Design Awards shall provide you with a platform as a Designer to make significant contributions to the world. It is an opportunity to get exposure and make industry linkages with your fellow participants and experts and learn from their perspectives and design ideas. Which in turn helps you attract new potential customers.

Take your creativity towards success to win. Moreover, during this process, the ARCH College of Design and Business will help you with a platform to understand the project design phase.