Design Story

Design Story – A Photo Video Competition By ARCH

To be creative today, we should push ourselves towards new challenges and learn about others’ perspectives. This technique polishes our creative skills and encourages us to work hard to get new ideas to survive in this competitive world. Competitions enhance the ability to be a better designer.

Studying graphic design, finding inspiration, learning the art of listening, and challenging ideologies through design competitions is a way to become a better and more effective designer. Keeping these things in mind, the ARCH College of Design & Business is coming with a unique interactive competition called Design story as a part of Pink City Design confluence 2022.

What you need to know about Design Culture-Design Story Photo video Competition:

The one thing which separates a good designer from a great one is the story behind their idea. Storytelling is an art that every designer should possess, owning and relating their story, which could be unique in their perception. Design Story competition at Pink City Design Confluence is about capturing your storyline with an exciting take to make it memorable throughout your journey even after the confluence. Designer’s stories are a good building foundation for reflecting the process of their journey in a rhythmic manner, and storytelling insinuates how designers work together and connect through their designs.

Theme and regulations to be maintained:

The Competition’s theme is about humans’ ability to FORM.REFORM.TRANSFORM. There are two categories for participants, category A for students and category B for professionals. Only one entry is allowed per person. Your story should be shaped by your culture, ideas, and beliefs. It should be your original story that has encouraged or pushed you and others around you. Plagiarised content, if found, will be disqualified.

Within the central theme, there are four sub-themes. : Society 5.0, Creativity 5.0, Design leadership, and Harmonious liveability. This would help you categorize your story within any of these themes.

The story may be about the view of lifestyle (rural and urban), customs, culture, environment, education, ethics, health and health care, community, communication, transportation, professional practice, sports, community events, anything that suits your imagination and the story attached to it. To know more about the Competition, visit this link.

The entries will be accepted in three forms:

  1. Reel: The video should be recorded in full HD format using any application you like. The video should be no more than one minute long with the essence of your imagination.
  2. Illustrations: It should be in a high-resolution format with different printmaking techniques. That will unlock and express your emotions for the future’s formation, reformation, and transformation.
  3. Photographs: You can capture and share three to four pictures that depict your perspective towards the reality of the theme. Keep it original as editing of the pictures is not allowed.

Jury members and the details about judgment criteria:

The judgment criteria will be based on originality, perspective, and how beautifully you have portrayed it with a clear explanation in about a maximum of 30 words. Share your stories with ARCH and translate your ideas into emotions that influence your thinking and behaviour.

A panel will be judging your customized submissions, and shortlisted entries will be exhibited on the Design Communication website. Also, the winners will be felicitated with cash prizes for their creative stories. There will be five outstanding jury members in the panel who are associated with much experience in the design and business culture for a very long time. The jury members include:

  1. Prahalad Kakkar, an Indian Ad film director
  2. Sandeep Sethi, Renowned Director, Education.
  3. Jinan KB, Researcher, Design Educator.
  4. Sudhir Kasliwal, Photography aficionado.
  5. Dhwani Swaminarayan, Founder and Director of Kiwings Services Pvt. Ltd.

How is it beneficial to participate in the Design story Competition?

The collaboration of Design culture at ARCH College of Design & Business will integrate all the needed information and resources that are created to enhance your skills. ARCH ensures a helping hand in making your inner designability a great success. In addition, it can contribute to sharpening your skills and abilities to learn how to deal with problems creatively in the outside world by developing new ideas that are constantly evolving.

Take risks, put yourself in that situation, and do not hold back from thinking about new opportunities coming your way. So, focus on your story and participate in the ARCH College of Design & Business competition to showcase your imagination and determination. Therefore, compete to be undefeated and let your mind wander to find new innovative ways to achieve internal success and attain creative confidence through your story. Imaginative engagement is the best way to excel in design and become successful personally and professionally entrepreneurs.